Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The [not so secret] news...

Yep, after months and months and months of trying, after crying more tears than I care to remember, after worrying and fretting and freaking, and after a little medical help (thankfully nothing too intensive), I am finally pregnant!

I found out on July 3rd, but decided to wait until the 12 week mark before letting the [online] world know, and also waiting until after all family members and friends were told (even though they all said they knew before we told them based on my 'cryptic' blog/Twitter posts...and to them again I say "you read my blog?!") I consider myself a fairly realistic and practical person, and I didn't want to jinx anything...but I'm 12 weeks today so I decided to finally share!! :)

As you can imagine, things have been a huge jumble in the past 12 weeks, with so many thoughts swirling in my head, plus thinking/worrying about my trip and getting all my work done and everything else, and yet at the same time I've (and we've) been relatively calm about the whole thing, which is surprising, I figured I would feel a bit more freaked or frazzled, but so far so good. I guess I was sub-consciously waiting in my head for the 1st trimester to be over before making too many plans, just in case, so now that I am 'in the clear', I'm sure the reality of it is going to set in soon (the growing little bump is helping things along as well!)

Dan has been great of course, his reactions/feelings seem to parallel mine at the moment, still a little bit of disbelief in there, but of course he's happy and excited, though a little more worried about the amount of change that's going to come our way starting in March. I worry about this too, but I'm also excited to see what this new addition will bring to our little family. Shimi is, well, a cat, so I don't think she minds too much right now, I have a feeling she'll pull a diva attitude when the baby comes though, so we'll see, haha.

As far as the first trimester went/goes, it was fairly normal, not without any symptoms but not as bad as some of the horror stories I've heard. Mostly I was:

-Tired; hence all my complaints about not being able to do anything and losing all my motivation...I was just too wiped out to do anything except go to work and maybe do a few little chores.

-Sick; starting at around Week 6 or so I felt nauseous pretty much every morning and starting at about Week 8 or so I was throwing up about once or twice a week.

-Hungry; this was the most annoying one of all. I would be fine one second and then STARVING the next, but I had so many food aversions and nausea related issues with food that I couldn't/didn't want to eat. Made it quite hard. (Despite all that, I do look pouffy!)

What I didn't feel:
-Moody (surprisingly!)
-The need to pee all the time
-Trouble sleeping
-Sore anything

That's about it. I still feel tired, sick and hungry a lot, but I can feel that it's getting better, I'm hoping that within the next 2-3 weeks I'll be somewhat back to normal and I can focus on eating better and prepping for little Kid A's arrival (Side note: Dan and I have dubbed the baby "Kid A", in honour of a Radiohead album we both really like.)

So, yeah, that's the big news. I want to apologize in advance if this blog becomes a bit baby-obsessed, but I don't think it can be avoided. I'm hoping to include some crafty/Fall/random related things as well, but of course they may lean towards the baby world, so again, I'm sorry, but if you have any great links I'd love to see! I've been scouting out some things already and I'll probably do a post about it in the next coming weeks...

Anyway, I thought I would share a layout I did not too long after I found out, remembering our initial reaction (one word: SHOCK.)

I've also decided to start recording a v-log every 4 weeks or so, because I am so terrible at writing things down, but I wanted to remember the pregnancy and how I felt, so I figured this would be a good way to do it. If you are interested in seeing me babble on for 10 minutes about Weeks 4-8, here you go:

Weeks 4-8 from Genevieve Flynn on Vimeo.

Starting today I'm also doing the standard 'belly shots', here is my 12 week shot (I'm sad to say that most of that pudge was there before I got pregnant, it's just a bit more swollen, ha. Also, this was our first attempt with Dan taking the shot, they'll hopefully get better...)

Ok, so I guess that's it! I'll be posting later about Italy/Croatia, but I wanted to get this out of the way since it's been so hard keeping it a secret!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week and looking forward to the new Season as much as I am.

G. (& Kid A)


oxenanny said...

Squeeeeee! I am so ready to be baby-obsessed for/with you and so happy for you mama!

Jacynthe said...

Là bon...je vais pouvoir le dire à Grand-grand Maman ( wow!!!), Sylvie, Gilles et Christine. Ils vont tous être contents pour toi, j'en suis certaine.

danilouwho said...

beautiful beautiful news.

Anonymous said...


I am SO SO SO excited for you, I totally know what you have been going through as I am in the same boat...still hoping for my miracle. You are going to be a great mom. I am really so so happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to read the whole post at this moment, but I read the most important thing and so I have to leave a quick comment... HOORAY!!!
You SO deserve this after the long waiting, and the newborn baby certainly deserves a mother like you will be!!! I'll be back to read everything when I have more time, I promise!

Aimee said...

okay, so I've been a bad blog friend and I totally haven't been reading/commenting as much as I should.

Congrats, this is great news!