Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend Lists

So, since I can't be swimming in the Adriatic Sea this weekend (which I did last week), and since I can't wander around St. Peter's in complete amazement and AWE (which I did 2 weeks ago), I guess I will make a list of things that I CAN do this weekend, which should be equally lovely in its own way...

Sidenote: I realize I am a total vacation photo bum, I really need to get some of them posted and edited, it's just daunting thinking of fishing through 700 photos to find one of myself where I'm not super red faced and half fainting from the heat, and also trying to find some non-blurry shots that could accurately represent the things I saw while there. Aaaaanyway.

This weekend I can:

-Make a pot roast in the slow cooker and either bake cookies or make an apple crisp (mmm!!)

-Go see District 9 with the hubs (we didn't go on Tuesday because I was too tired-at 9:00pm)

-Sort through my vacation pictures and at least choose a few dozen to edit

-Go to Value Village to buy some work pants for Dan (and maybe some baby clothes and or Maternity clothes?), and to Fabricville to get some quilt fabric for next weekend

-Start making long term to-do lists in order to get ready for this bébé that will soon be here (sooo much to consider, but more on that later!)

-Play way too much Dr. Mario with Dan on the computer (new favourite activity, for reals)

-Dust off my scrap desk and consider thinking about debating whether to maybe start a page

-Talk to my friend Sara, who had an ultrasound this week to see her little baby #2!

-Clean, clean, and clean some more

-Maybe sneak off to Michael's to look at the Autumn decorations and perhaps buy a spice scented candle

-Work on collecting some favourite baby related things from the online world lately

-Record my Week 8-12 Vlog

-Take a walk in the cool air with my man, if the weather holds out (they're calling for another 'tropical storm' this weekend, 2nd in a row, ugh)

That seems like a pretty decent list to me. I'm definitely feeling my energy levels starting to rise again, at least during the day and early evening, so Saturday and Sunday should be good, productive times for me, I can't wait.

The weather has been absolutely spectacular the last couple of days, only about +20 or so with no humidity and a cool/almost chill breeze. This morning it was actually chilly enough (only +7 or so) to wear my Fall coat (though still with my sandals), and you can smell the new Season coming. My perfect weather.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! What's on your to-do list?

Ps-I worked a bit on my blog today and I totally overdid the Fall theme, especially since it's not even September yet, but I couldn't help myself, it's been feeling Fall-ish around here lately. I'll probably re-do my banner to be something a little less orange, I'm really diggin' orange and dark purple lately, so maybe something with that...sigh, if only I could make super pretty blog designs. Someday :)

Oh, double PS!-I booked a wonderful cabin for our anniversary weekend in 3 weeks, it's in a beautiful secluded spot on the Atlantic Coast, here, just about 3 hours up the shore from us, I can't wait to spend some nice quality time with nature and with Dan, it's our last anniversary alone so I wanted to make it special. Here's a shot of the property, they have donkeys!


Aimee said...

this totally has nothing to do with your post really, but i just perused through your etsy faves... it freaking ROCKS. You have a good eye. :) I added a bunch to mine too!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the autumn feeling (nothing wrong with that! btw, I love the photo on your banner!) Enjoy weekend, enjoy your hub and enjoy your belly!!!

danilouwho said...

I love the fall theme, awesome.
it's been so chill around here lately, i'm going to be so sad when it starts to warm back up. I'm hoping september won't be terribly hot.

I need to see District 9 I think.

LOVE Michael's fall stuff. always without fail.