Monday, March 15, 2010

Officially MIA

Hey all (or anyone who's still checking this blog), I know that I said I would be back soon, but it turns out that we can't get Internet out at our new place (boo), so I'm very limited in what I can do online, we're in town at my parents' about once a week, meaning I only have a couple hours of Internet access, so I'm going to try and write some blogs posts at home and then post them when I come into town, but as I'm discovering, time seems to escape you when you're busy being a mama.

Victor is 17 days old today. It seems like he's been here forever though, we love having him around. We took him to his first doctor's appointment today to get weighed and to see if the jaundice has stayed away, and everything was great, he now weighs 8lbs, 8oz, 20 and 3/4 inches long...he's a healthy boy :) He loves to eat, kind of loves to sleep (very lightly!) and is starting to be awake more and more, which is fun. We're lacking in sleep and time to do much it seems, but we're really enjoying being out at the camp and getting used to being a family.

Anyway, I hope to post my birth story soon (before I forget!), but until then, here are some pics of the little man himself. Unfortunately the camp is quite dark so a lot of the photos have this terrible yellow light to them (and it's not helping that he's still kind of jaundiced), but I hope to do a little mini newborn shoot next week in some decent light.

1 week old.

2 weeks old.

Heading home from the hospital (6 days old)

My new favourite boys :)

Tummy time

Little bébé

And, just to show how much snow there is out at the camp, this is a picture of Dan shovelling over 2 feet of snow off the roof of the camp, down onto the 4 feet of snow on the the back part of the camp he was able to simply climb up the snowbank and onto the roof! It's insane.

Until next time,



oxenanny said...

O o me me! I am still checking your blog!

It's nice to get updates even though we caught up on the phone last week. :)

Victor is beautiful. He is such a little man with all that hair. More importantly though, I am so overjoyed that your family is happy and healthy in your new life!

Mwah! Sending virtual kisses!

Anonymous said...

I'm here too... in ooohhh and aaahhh over petit bébé... OMG, what an adorable little man!!! Enjoy the family time Genevieve!!!