Monday, March 22, 2010

Time with Bill and First Walk

Well, since my parents' stupid computer won't open the Word document with my birth story, I guess I'll share a few new pics of the little man (don't expect much else over the next few months, ha!)

The first batch of shots are from our first walk on Saturday. It was sooo nice out, we didn't even need to wear coats, so we bundled the baby up in some warm clothes, put him in our new carrier after a feeding and off we went (he fell asleep shortly after we left the house). It was really nice getting out together (as you can imagine, we haven't left the house much in the last 3 weeks!) I'm hoping that the good weather will stay a bit longer so that we can make our walks a daily occurence.

(Dan took these shots, he's getting really good!)

The second batch are super cute shots of Victor and his new 'best friend', Bill the Lamb (Dan named him, not me). It was adorable, we put Victor down one day for his daily tummy/gym time, and I decided to put Bill (a shower gift from last week) in front of him to see if he would like it...and he just stared and stared at him with big bright eyes. I think that it's the beady black eyes on the cream face that keep his attention, but whatever it is, Bill has become his new 'gazing' object. It's the first thing he's really focused on besides our faces, it's too cute!

(Also a few indoor shots of me and the bébé that Dan took last week.)

A few quick observations about Victor at 3 weeks:
-He doesn't sleep for long periods of time, unless he's in his car seat or has been awake for a long, long time beforehand; he usually averages 2-2.5 hours.
-Speaking of being awake, he's gotten into this habit of being awake for long stretches in the morning and late at night, usually between 9pm and 2am, and 8am and 11am in the mornings. Overall though, we really have no 'schedule'.
-He's really good at moving and lifting his head already, and I've been nearly knocked out with a few headbutts! He also flails his arms quite a bit, and can shimy his way up my chest when I lay him down on it. Much more mobile than I thought!
-He gives us little smiles from time to time, and even though they are completely random and involuntary, I love them.
-When he yawns, he always draws his head up into his neck afterwards and looks sideways, almost like he's embarassed, it's really cute.

(And of course, Shimi, our other baby)

Well, that's all for now, hopefully next time we're in town I'll be able to post my birth story. I also have some other things I want to post, so hopefully I'll have time in the coming weeks and will be able to get back in the habit soon!
Until next time,


Anonymous said...

Keep those photo's coming Genevieve.... I love to look at your adorable little man!!! And I'm amazed about the amount of hair... he's so cute!!!! And I love the lamb as my first "stuffed love" was a lamb too (my mum told me, but I hang on so long to it that I even remember the damn thing myself!) Hope you have a lot of sunny days ahead!

Bettyann said...

He is so sweet and bright...some babies at this age have their eyes closed for much of the time...enjoy reading your blog...look forward to hearing about your birthing story...Happy Spring..

Kara said...

Oh. He's soooooo adorable!

You're a lucky lady! :)

Aunt Nancy said...

What a wonderful blog! I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
Love to all of you!