Tuesday, February 15, 2011


(Photo taken with my phone last week while on a walk in the woods with my mom...there is soooo much snow on the ground, at least 3 feet...)

listening: To something at least! I realized that I hardly ever listen to music, and I don't want Victor to grow up in a house without music, so I made a playlist with random stuff on the computer (currently, Elliot Smith...)

eating: Craisins. I need to eat healthier, so I figure they're better than chips, right?

drinking: Nothing, craving water

wearing: Light green/pastel green mint coloured jeans/pants, black short sleeved knit shirt, pink chunky necklace my mom got for me in Arizona, with matching earrings.

feeling: Quite down in the dumps lately (and sick), but trying to get over it.

weather: UGH. Don't even get me started! This has been a looong and hard winter already, and it's only half over!  Currently flurries and gray skies.

wanting: To know what the hell is going to happen this year.

needing: A haircut (I said that last time I did a post like this, but it's still true!)

thinking: I should be doing dishes instead of blogging.

enjoying: Planning Victor's first birthday party.

wondering: If Dan will take me out for ice cream tonight.  We need to go on a date.

Random Tuesday thoughts for you.  Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!

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