Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick and dirty tour of the {empty} house

(All shots taken on my blurry iPhone, better 'before' pics to come soon! These aren't in any sort of order, I'll just describe each one underneath the shot...)

The family room/den/TV room, between the laundry/mudroom and kitchen

The family room/den/TV room, looking at the entrace to the mudroom/laundry room from the kitchen

Kitchen, looking into the den/family room/TV room and mudroom entrance

The dining room, off the kitchen

Built in in the dining room, looking into the kitchen

'Formal living room', which will act as my office/studio, off the dining room

My office

Front foyer/entrace, looking into the dining room (from my office)

Back room, behind my office, which will be Dan's music room for now

Downstairs main bath, right off the front foyer


Looking out to the front door from the bathroom

Kitchen, looking in from the den


Stairs and bathroom (Dan's room off to the right)

Victor's room

Looking into the foyer and my office from the dining room

Victor's room

Landing at top of stairs/closets



Our room

Our room

Landing, looking from the 1/2 bath

Eventual guest room (needs lots of work!)

Eventual guest room

1/2 bath upstairs

1/2 bath upstairs

Mudroom/Laundry room (the first room to be getting a makeover!)

Back entrace into the mudroom (the main door we'll be using)

So there you have it! Lots of work to be done, but tomorrow is the 'big move', and we'll be spending the night there, very exciting!

Be back with the mudroom makeover (for some reason I'm the most excited about this one!)

Enjoy the end of summer, I can't wait to see it go.


Selena said...

Looks good. Welcome home!

Stephie C said...

OMG ok this makes me want a house sooo bad haha! So much potential I just know you are going to have that house looking amazing! So dang fun! Maybe in next 10 years or so I will get a house haha....