Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Instagrams and Point Form Lists.

Yeah, that's all you're going to get right now. I've been meaning to do an update post for weeks now, but of course with work, house, baby, all that fun stuff, this little blog is falling to the wayside. Perhaps once the kids (!) are a bit older I can get back to blogging regularly, but for now, you get Instagram photos and point form lists.

Victor (aka bébé):

*Has gone through a crazy amount of changes in the past 4-5 months (since I last did a proper update on him)
*Is 17 months old
*Weighs about 25 pounds and is over 30 inches tall
*Walks everwhere and has mastered climbing onto chairs, coffee tables, beds, etc
*Is in the process of learning to jump
*Can say Mama, Daddy, Cheese, What, Bye Bye, Wow, and some other babbly/half words, but isn't 'talking' yet
*Has his top 4 teeth, bottom 4 teeth, and 4 molars
*STILL drools like crazy
*Likes to watch Thomas the Tank Engine and Caillou
*Is annoyingly obsessed with our smartphones
*Has recently enjoyed 'helping' us do dishes
*Is kind of a scare-di cat (afraid of the vacuum, dogs, etc)
*Sleeps through the night every night no problem, and is SUPER easy to put down for naps and bedtime (we're very lucky!)
*Can do 'head and shoulders' (points to his body parts)
*Has been having 1 crazy long nap in the afternoons (3 hours)
*Loves going in the car and being in his carseat
*Still enjoys his books and likes one with actions 
*Knows actions for giraffe, elephant, monkey, crocodile and a few others
*Called cats (chats) 'yyyyyya's
*Says 'WOW' everytime someone turns on a light or ceiling fan (and loooves turning lightswitches)
*Is still a picky eater but has a decent appetite
*Is pretty whiney sometimes (well, a lot of times)
*Copies us doing things that I didn't know he noticed (like putting on deoderant or putting dishsoap under the tap)
*Still likes to be (and gets) picked up more than he should
*Understands when I ask him to put his dirty clothes in his laundry basket
*Still cries whenever I leave him at Sara's
*Has a 'mortal enemy' (Eli); pushes him whenever I'm around
*Has a mop of thin hair that blows in the wind and makes him look bald, it's so cute
*LOVES my mom (grand mama) more than anyone else in the world, though my dad (grand papa) is coming into close second these days
*Still fairly shy in public places and with new people, tends to cling to me
*Gives the biggest, drooliest kisses ever
*Likes to 'pat' (aka smack) Félix and Shimi
*Puffs his chest out when he walks, not sure why
*Likes to 'sweep' with the broom
*Can play well by himself but most of the time wants us involved
*Is a full blown toddler, no more baby at all :(

Shimi (aka 'yyyyya', 'jerk', 'kitty'):

*Has been outside most of the summer
*Probably has fleas
*Is losing weight and looking kind of mangy
*Is about to get a younger brother soon (my sister's cat had kittens and we're taking one of them)
*Still annoys me but Dan loves her

Dan (aka 'Daddy'):

*Has been working more hours at work and taking on more responsibility since becoming the main installer
*Takes care of and plays with Victor without ever complaining
*Has been very patient with me and my preggo moods
*Bought a 12-string guitar and loves to play it
*Is obsessed with UFC/MMA
*Is excited for all the work he has to do at the house (well, maybe not excited, but ready for it anyway) 
*Is as steady and calm as she goes (he's like my north star, wherever I am I can always find my way with him)

Kid A-2 (aka 'baba', aka 'bébé', aka 'ta p'tite soeur', aka '_________'):

*Is 32 weeks grown and taking up a lot of room in my belly
*Is a GIRL!
*Has a first name, but we're still unsure about the middle one
*Likes to kick a lot but luckily stays away from my ribs most of the time
*Is about 3 and a half pounds
*Is most likely already used to Victor's voice/crying
*Is healthy and happy as far as we can tell

Me (aka 'Mama', aka 'Geneviève', aka 'Geneviève Flynn Photography'):

*Is getting REALLY busy at work and feels quite behind at the moment, but is also thankful for the chance to see her business flourish a little bit before going on a short Mat Leave
*Wants to see her business grow and expand, but worries how she will do next year
*Has been packing up boxes in between editing, parenting, and cleaning
*CAN NOT WAIT until she gets a dishwasher!
*Has been finding it hot so far this summer even though it's not
*Is incredibly annoyed with the lack of pants in her wardrobe
*Prefers to live in leggings and tight shirts
*Has been eating way too much junk food lately
*Has the WORST legcramps every morning and can't figure out how to stop them
*Is spoiled sooo much by Dan
*Wishes she could finish reading the 2nd Hunger Games book but has no time/patience for it right now
*Fears going into early labour, even though the doctors told her she's fine
*Misses her far away friends
*Appreciates having her friend Sara and her parents nearby
*Is incredibly excited about moving and decorating the new house, but also daunted by the task
*Feels like she has a million things on her to-do list all the time
*Enjoys her new bangs but kind of wants to go back to dark hair
*Is seriously considering switching from a PC to a Mac
*Struggles with being patient with Victor-the-toddler
*Has been tricking herself lately into thinking it's Fall, even though it's still far away (boo)
*Is really excited for the Flea Market this year (it's the weekend of our move, so perfect timing!)
*Loves Pinterest but wonders if she'll ever do any of the things she pins on there
*Needs to get back into the habit of taking photos at home
*Misses scrapbooking (and debates doing A Week in the Life this Fall)
*Is throwing out/giving away lots of things that she thought had value to her but in reality don't
*Longs for a trip away with just Dan
*Is anxious to meet her daughter

Well, that's about all for now, off to watch some TV with the hubs! Be back eventually with some photos of the move and hopefully some more belly shots (only 3 more shoots left if I keep scheduling them 3 weeks apart!)

Until then,

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Stephie C said...

I always have to laugh a bit when I read how much we (strangers) have in common yet soooo much differences as well :) you know I love your updates and love how you updated on whole family this time!