Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maternity Series |29 Weeks|

Woah, talk about late! I took these shots at least 2 weeks ago but forgot to post them on my blog here (you can see them on my photography blog, along with an explanation for the 'raciness' you see here, haha).

Too tired to post much else, I'll try to be back with a point form update on us all and our crazy busy lives, but I can't promise that packing, working, tending to a needy baby, and growing another needy fetus won't take place first. Perhaps in the dead of winter when things slow down I'll be able to take a breath, but for right now, it's just go go go. I have to tell myself Dorie's old motto "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

Have a good one!


Lea said...

I LOVE IT! This maternity series has turned out great!!! You are so creative and have a great eye for shoots!

Stephie C said...

Again just gorgeous! You look amazing and captured beautiful shots!

hollysarah said...

these photos are really beautiful. I wish I had the courage to take similar ones, but there's tooooo many stretch marks from the first 2 bebes... :P
But really, these are fabulous, you look amazing!