Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maternity Series |26 Weeks|

Two words for this week: Leg cramps. I had completely forgotten about them from my last pregnancy but in the past couple of weeks they have come back with a vengeance! Terrible Charley Horses that almost bring tears to my eyes, usually first thing in the morning, waking me up and leaving my legs sore for the rest of the day.  Yes, 26 Weeks in my mind has been defined by Leg cramps.

(Shots taken at the old abandoned mall near my house, also where I took my 16 Week shots...it has come quite in handy as a play area for Victor and as a photo backdrop for me! You can see my new hair a bit in these shots as well, though it's definitely not 'styled' as well as it could be, tisk tisk. I suck at hairstyling and personal grooming, what can I say?!) 

I love my little helper :)

Be back later this week to let you know how all this house stuff is going, we're sooo close I can taste it!

Until then,

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