Monday, September 19, 2011

Yet more blog filler...

This time the Pinterest kind :)

I usually am on Pinterest everyday, and now that the holidays are here (meaning September to December, the most awesome time of year), I'm getting really inspired by all the Fall-goodness (and Halloween-goodness) that I'm finding on there lately.  Here are some of my most recent pins:

Source: None via Geneviève on Pinterest

I CANNOT WAIT to fit back into normal clothes, and just in time for Fall's awesome and comfy fashions! This look would be flattering post baby (anything with leggings, haha)

These look really yummy, and are relatively healthy!

Craving apple crisp like nothing else lately.

I've decided that although I like white walls IN THEORY, in real life, I need colour in my home/rooms (with lots of white accents instead). We just painted the mudroom a bright yellow, and I'm seriously debating painting the den a dark autumn orange...I may hold off though until Fall is over to make sure it's not just a seasonal thing.  LOVE this bedroom though.

Oh I could go for this right about now (reminds me of where we went for our first wedding anniversary).

I need a good wreath for our front door, and if I had the time/patience, I would attempt this because I love it.

Pretty and simple Fall decor (planning on getting some pumpkins this week!)

And just because they're cute :) (I'm hoping that one lives nearby in the fields...)

Well, those are just a few of my fav pins right now, I plan on doing another post just for Halloween pins, because I have a ton, and will be collecting them like mad from now 'til then (only 6 weeks 'til Halloween, yay!!)

Also, I've seen lots of other bloggers writing posts about things that they actually DO with their pins (meaning they don't just pin and forget them, they attempt the recipe/craft/photo idea/decor), so I plan on doing that as well (I already have one done, just need to take a pic).

Ok, blog filler over, next post may very well be an introduction of our little girl!

Until then,

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