Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 Random things about Victor at 21 months

-He 'talks' to himself, babbling something and then saying 'mo' ("no"), as if to correct himself. It's funny.

-He's obsessed with Teletubbies ("beebees" or "eeesss"); his favourites are Poe and Lala.

-His favourite book is "Cats", which is just a flip book with all sorts of pictures of cats, with pull out tabs, 'real' fur to touch, and a squeaky ball. I have to read it (only me, not Dan), in the exact same way, and he says "abatte" to get me to start (no idea what that word means).

-His vocabulary is probably 70/30 French to English, unless you count names.

-He can almost jump, and is learning to run.

-He loves to play with the toilets, and has been caught throwing various things in there (other than entire rolls of toilet paper, which he also does).

-He is a very picker and light eater, but he loves Ketchup and milk.

-He's still snuggly, but will quickly push you away when he's done.

-He wants to do everything by himself; right now he's trying to learn how to put his socks on (this means that he constantly pulls his socks off and is barefoot most of the time).

-He's getting scarily good at using my iPhone; he can unlock it, pick out his App game, play it, and knows how to make folders will all my icons (which means every time I pick up my phone everything is out of order and some Apps are probably deleted).

I love this little guy. He tests my patience more than anything ever has, and I often fail at being patient with him, but when we're both in a good mood, there's nothing better. He's so smart, and funny, and quirky, and sweet, and I'm marvelling at how much he is learning everyday and how much he is growing. Only 3 months 'til he's 2!!

Back with Violet's 4-12 Weeks update soon!


(PS-I'm still planning to do A Week in the Life starting next week, though I'm pretty nervous about it! I bought the papers, so I have no choice now, I spent 13$! haha)

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Stephie C said...

Awww heehee on Victor :) And good for you on week in the life cannot wait to check it out!

I need to go do my 21 month update on Miss Lainey thanks for the reminder ;)