Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in a nutshell

January 2011

December 2011

First post of 2012, here we go!

After nearly a month of not blogging, but then again, that was the theme of 2011 I think...not doing the things I used to do.

This post is going to be pretty random and jumbled, so be warned!

2011 was an extremely busy year for us and one that in some ways I think I handled well, and in some ways think I failed at miserably. There were a lot of really good things that happened, but it was almost as if too many good things happened all at once, if that makes sense, and I felt like I wasn't able to properly appreciate them all because I was too busy just trying to make it through the days and the huge changes that they brought.

2011 was the first year in pretty much my entire life where I really felt disorganized. And for me, that's a big deal. I like being on top of things, being organized, checking things off my lists, but this year I was lucky to even get the lists written.  It taught me a lot, taught me how to let go (a little), and brought me back down to reality a little bit.

(I'm not saying that I was a perfectionist/super productive before this past year, far from it, but it just felt like I wasn't even able to keep up with myself or my life...but that's the point I guess, my life shifted into a new season and I wasn't ready for it.)

Anyway, like I said, a lot of good things happened this past year, including some big, life changing moments:

-We were shocked to discover that I was pregnant at the beginning of February (and I'll honestly admit now that it was definitely a break-down moment for me, I didn't handle it very well!) So for most of the year, I was pregnant, which I barely had time to acknowledge most days...

-I spent the first three months of the year preparing for the Self Employment Benefit Program, wrote my business plan, built my websites, and in March, officially started working as a photographer for Geneviève Flynn Photography full time (something that I'd like to get into more, but will save for another day). Needless to say, that alone was momentous enough to fill my year!

-We spent the Spring and Summer looking for, and eventually buying, our first home (another dream come true, but one that came with a lot of financial stresses and 'growing up').

-We spend the Fall and Winter working on the house, and of course, welcoming our daughter, Violet (who couldn't let us have a moment of calm right from the moment she was born in my parent's driveway in the middle of the night!)

-We watched our barely 1-year old go from a baby to a full blown toddler in what seems like a short amount of time, and were kept on our toes with all the of the changes he went through.

So yes, new business + new baby + new house, all in one year. Crazy really.

It was a year full of dirty dishes in the sink, boxes and packing (and unpacking), babysitters, first steps and words, baby kicks, Mac converting, trips to Bathurst, painting, shivering, Photoshopping, belly growing, guitar playing (and buying), a new car, pink clothes (!), weird weather, bangs, iPhones/Androids, SEVERE iPhone/Android addiction, TV shows (but not a lot of movies), swimming, Pinterest, new cameras and lenses, projects, renos, teal nails, wood fires, bread with peanut butter, Musical Moments, family reunions, credit cards, cuddles and kisses, big boy beds, cousins and friends, photography classes and WETT certification courses, mortgages, messes (so many messes), new kitties, and becoming a whole family.

That really just scratches the surface, but like I said, our 2011 in a nutshell :) I wonder what 2012 will bring?!?

To finish up, I'm just going to post one random iPhone pic from each month (thank God for the iPhone and Instagram, as crappy as the quality is sometimes, I'm still so glad to have our day to day captured through this device. Thank you Steve Jobs!)

January-Baby Victor!

February-The shock of the year.

March-New business, new equipment :)

April-My boys

May-Lots of walks with our new walker

June-New Hair

July-New House!!


September-Welcome Violet Marie

October-Stuff in the toilet (this is probably the funniest picture I took all year)


December-1st Christmas at HOME

Be back hopefully this week with a check-in on my Goals for 2011/One Little Word and my new Goals for 2012 post...really there are only 2 or 3, going to keep it really simple this year. I also need to come back to report on how A Week in the Life went (yes, I did do it, just didn't blog everyday like I had intended), and talk about Project Life (yes, I'm insane and decided to give it a go!)

Hope you all had an amazing 2011 and that your best day in 2011 in your worst in 2012!



Stephie C said...

OMG the toilet pic had me cracking up! And that just confirmed why our bathroom door is ALWAYS closed heehee! Such an exciting year for you guys! Hopefully this year will be filled with just more photography success and settling into that new home and enjoying all!

Lea said...

Wow what a year!!! :D

Cannot wait to see your Week in the Life project!