Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Back to share Week 2! I am enjoying this project so much, I can't even say, I just reaaallllly hope I can keep it up.

This week I actually included my first extra insert (didn't take long!) I did Violet's 3-month 'official' photoshoot so I wanted to include shots from that as well as our weekly shots, so that meant inserting a 6X12 page protector to include 6 more 4X6 photos. I LOVE having different sized protectors throughout the album, so I will be doing it at least once a month I think.


Other things I did this week: Digital elements on a photo (the "love you" text was a freebie from Ali Edwards from awhile ago), a letter to Violet 'collage', writing to her about her photoshoot (created in PS), writing directly on the photos ('old school' scrapping, I tell ya!), labels and journaling spots on photos, a little 4X6 card with an instagram strip, and the 'constants' I mentioned last time (grocery receipt, iPhone weather shot, weekly review card).

I just finished up Week 3, so I'll post that soon, and I hope to have Week 4 done before the end of this week so that I'll be 'caught' up officially (I don't mind being a week behind but I don't want to be more than that or else my mind gets too foggy).


(PS-Didn't mean to do it, but this week's layout is ALL about Violet, haha, there's only one picture of Victor, none of me or Dan, and a few of inanimate objects...oh well, not going to stress, some weeks will have more going on for certain family members than others).

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Stephie C said...

You are rocking this project!!! Keep it up!