Saturday, February 11, 2012


Here we go, Week 3! I've had this done for a little while now (we're starting Week 7 tomorrow!) but I just never got around to taking pics of the layout (I'm more focused on actually finishing the layouts than taking pics of them afterwards! haha)

Nothing too spectacular or different about this week; I did more Instagram and regular photo collages, used digital elements on a photo (again, a freebie from Ali), writing on photos (something I really enjoy doing), the 'constants', and random bits and pieces. I also included a card that Dan's nan sent with a package for Violet (bottom left corner, it's vintage and so sweet!), the business card from the tattoo salon where Dan got his tattoo, as well as a hidden journaling card from the Project Life kit with a message to Dan about his tattoo that's meant only for him (I stuck an Instagram on the front). I had to include our "Weekly Review" on the Title card in the top corner, but that's ok, I think that I will get better at narrowing down my pictures as the weeks go on (and I'm sure that I'll have less photos as the weeks progress, since right now I'm still super enthusiastic about the project and am snapping quite a few, almost everyday).

Sorry for the crummy photos, the layouts are hard to photograph and are much cooler in real life!

I finished Week 4 and am just a few pics away from finishing Week 5, so I'm not too behind, which is good, I'm hoping to get them done this weekend so that I can start documenting and working on the week we're actually in (if that makes sense, haha).

Still loving this project!

I still need to do Violet's update, but who knows when that will happen :S

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Marit said...

Hi Genevieve! Long time no see... you know how it goes - time flies and life (in my case: a lot of new endevors) take up a lot of time. I suddenly came across your blog again today and aah, you're creating again! Love it! Your life book looks great! (Oh, and so do the kiddos... I missed the birth of Violet. It's too late to congratulate with her I think, but oh, well, CONGRATS!)