Sunday, June 24, 2012


I'm back with another Project Life post! What, did you think that I quit? Not the case at all, of which I am just as shocked about as you probably are (maybe even more). I just got really behind in photographing the spreads, but I'm all caught up now (we're on Week 25 or something), so I'll be sharing lots soon! 

This week actually has 2 inserts, an 8X11 (approx), 8-vertical photo insert from a trip to the park (no real reason for wanting to document it other than I took a lot of nice photos that I wanted to include), and a regular 8.5X11 page protector to hold Victor's first piece of art (something I've been looking forward to including for's actually a gift they made at the daycare for mother's day, the poem kind of made me tear up!) I got the photo inserts from Wal-Mart one day and while I like the idea of including vertical photos in a different size, the pockets were really 'loose', so I had to staple the photos into the pockets and 'seal' the seams with gaffers tape. That's what happens when you get cheap-o stuff I guess, but in this case it works.

Other than that a pretty regular week; the "W" in the title card is a wooden letter that I stuck woodgrain contact paper on to, the file folder on the first page opens up to contain a list of Victor's current words (to be honest the list isn't in there yet, better get on that before I forget!), the 2nd page has 2 different collages, an Instagram collage (as usual), and a 4-photo collage from our trip to Fredericton. I made a little 'cousins' card on the 2nd page to talk about the trip and the boys, and I did our Weekly review on the computer, which allows for much more writing (it's pretty tiny though, next time I'll make the font bigger, my old eyes can hardly read it already! haha)

Still enjoying this project and especially seeing the results :)

I would like to say that I'm going to do a non PL post someday, but the truth is that blogging doesn't really fit into my life anymore...if you want to see more photos of my kids (that aren't included here), they are on my Facebook page, it's just easier to update there.

Back soon!

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Stephie C said...

I love that you have stuck with this! I hear ya on blogging it is hard to keep up with, I mainly do it now to just record things that I need to get down somewhere so that I have it to refer to later :)

I am getting so beyond excited for the kid and baby Project Life kits to be released as I WILL do those for my 3 kiddos then stick with my digital family photo books as I know that is what is going to work best for me (here's hoping!). Cannot wait to see more of your pages, I know this has to be a busy time of year for you!