Saturday, May 26, 2012


Week 18, wow!

I really like this spread for a couple of reasons; I enjoy all the design elements that went into it, and I also enjoy the fact that this week is special for one reason: it's the first spread all year where the photos are all from one day (with the exception of my iPhone pics). I have no idea what happened, but when I went to pick out the photos from the week, I noticed that there was only one day! But you know what, there was still enough variety in the photos that you would never know it was all on the same day (you can only tell because we're wearing the same clothes in each shot, haha).  And despite not having a ton of photos to use, the spread filled out quickly (in fact, I'm trying to include less photos, both for economical reasons and to force me to include more journaling).

Things I like specifically:
-The '15lbs' graphic card I made to document Violet's weight right now (I used a generic photo of grass that Victor took as the background) 
-The 'counting card' that talks about Victor learning to count to 10 (I used the number stickers that come with the kit, which is great because I haven't found much use for them so far)
-The new Smashbook wash tape that I bought (used on the Instagram collage)
-The Thank you card that we got from Steve's mother (we went to her husband's funeral a couple of weeks ago)
-The gardening photo of Violet and I (taken with the self timer, I need to do that more!)
-The little letter stickers on my self portrait (a simple and profound statement for me)
-The door card 'filler' I said, I didn't have a lot of photos this week so I used the door patterned paper, I think it fits in nicely.
-The repeating diamond stickers that I found in Victor's baby book earlier in the week and decided to use (like I said, great place to use up your random bits of stash!)
-The Pro/Con journaling card that I used to talk about a parenting quarrel I had with Victor

Oh, Project Life, how I geek out over you :)

Have a great weekend!

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