Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Victor's Room

What's this, a NON PROJECT LIFE post?! Yes, I've finally gotten around to taking and editing some photos of the only finished room in our new-ish house, so I thought I would share them here...a tour of Victor's room :)

I'm not sure why Victor's room was the first one to get finished, probably because it was the 'nicest' room in the house when we moved in and didn't need a lot of work; I also had most of his decorations and furniture when we moved so I didn't have to wait or buy anything to get it all done. There are a few tiny little things I'd like to get to truly finish it off, but for the most part I'm really happy with how it turned out. We spend a lot of time in here as a family, playing most evenings before bed, so it's nice to have it done...if only I could say the same about Violet's room!

Ok, here we go (sorry for the not so great photos, I didn't have my wide angle lens on so I couldn't get full room shots, and it was kind of dark so the photos are a bit grainy.)

His bed (we bought the mattress after Violet was born and had it on the floor until January when my friend Sara gave us the frame...without the box spring it's the perfect height for him to climb in and out of.) If I ever get the time to work on it I have fabric for a quilt that I want to put on his bed, but for now this light comforter does the trick. The room was the beige brown colour when we moved in, I just painted an accent wall with the same green that I used in our kitchen in Halifax and old apartment in Sussex...gotta use it up! Also, I'm going to try and thrift a real nightstand this summer for his lamp and soother dish. The birth date print is from Etsy; I'd like to buy another art print of some sort from Etsy to put next to it, just not sure what yet (maybe something with his name, or a quote...)

I hung a simple photo wire above his bed with some twine and used clothespins to hang photos of all his cousins, pets, etc. It's cute because he looks at them and says all their names :) It's also nice because I can swap the photos out whenever I get new ones.

His Teletubbies pillowcase (loves them) and Bill the lamb, his best bud since birth :)

This is the wall opposite his bed. The shelf and chair are the same ones I had in his room in our apartment, and I kept everything pretty much the same as I did before, with his diapers and toys on the shelf and a picture collage above it. The pom pom is a leftover from his nursery, and is strategically covering a piece of chipped wall paint, haha! I want to recover the chair at some point, but for now the blue fabric works.

His dresser, which is at the foot of his bed. It used to have a mirror on it in his nursery but we had to remove it to fit under the slanted ceiling. It's thrifted and holds a lot of clothes. This area still looks a bit empty to me, so I'll probably change it up once I thrift the right items/art to go on his dresser.

An Ahsleyg print I got from Etsy, and a llama that my sister gave Victor, made with real alpaca wool.

Painted thrifted owl and postcards from various museums I went to while living in Spain.

His closet, which is right next to his shelf. This is where his little 'play area' is. The closet had the built ins when we moved in, which was nice. On one side are his clothes and on the shelves I have his books, diapers, etc, and he also has some blocks in the corner (I like to keep things as neat as possible, but also easily accessible). I put the mirror low on purpose so that he could look in it when standing (which will be good when he starts dressing himself or playing dress up).

His books (the most used ones on the bottom, the rest are for when he's older).

Dino collection :)

His shelf. The baskets hold his cloth diapers, and the buckets on top hold his socks and his slippers.

His toy shelf. The rule with his bedroom toys is that they can be pretty much anything, but they CANNOT make any noise. No batteries, no instruments, nothing like that. Blocks, puzzles. pull toys, books, a doctor's kit...all those nice 'open ended'/wooden toys are up here, which is a really nice change of pace from the other toys he has in the house.

The photo collage above his shelf. I didn't really have a plan when I did this, I basically hung the two 11X14 standouts (photos) on each end and then filled the space in between with whatever I had. Most of this was in his nursery, except for the large "V", which I bought at Michael's (and intend on painting one day). The rosary is from Spain, the Dali postcard is from when Dan and I were dating, the two bird prints were bought on Etsy, and the little postcard in the white frame was a gift from my friend Anna.

The piggybank was a Christmas present from his great nan, and the abacus was a gift from Sara for his birthday.

 Cloth diapers...not much else to say, they're just cute :)

There you have it! If you have any questions about anything in the room, just leave me a comment. I'm not sure how long I'll leave his room like this, I'm thinking maybe once he starts kindergarden or something I'll switch it up to be more 'kid/school friendly' (swap out the shelf for a desk or something), and I'll probably change the colour scheme too since by then it'll be 5 years old. I'm leaning towards orange and grey, but we'll see how I feel then.

The next room I intend on tackling is Violet's, but her room is covered in peeling textured wallpaper and is in need of some major help, so it may be awhile before there's a tour of her room :S Same with our living room, kitchen, our bedroom...well, pretty much every room in the house! Oh well, we have our whole lives to get it done, right?

Back with more PL soon.


Lea said...

I love his little space! You did a great job! I will use this as inspiration to tackle my son's room in our new place.

Fiona said...

What a great room! I love how you've put everything at his height, so he can reach it himself. I also love how you've put up a line for photos of family. I will definitely have to do that for my kids, especially as we have so much family living overseas. We have been living in our house for 4 years, finished renovating about 18 months ago, and still haven't "prettied up" the bedrooms! Better get around to it :)