Friday, May 25, 2012


I mentioned in my post on Week 16 that I started to 'break down' a bit this month, which is definitely true. April was a rough month for me for some reason; I think I was just so worn down from being at home with the kids all winter, and seeing the enormous pile of work that has to be done this year, both in terms of my photography business and the house, plus troubles with money...well, I've just been feeling crummy and out of sorts. Instead of hiding it or not acknowledging it though, I decided to incorporate it into the album, since I really believe in telling all stories, not just the happy ones. Whether it's a photo or journaling, I try not to let it overtake the general feeling of the album, but I want all of our stories in there, mine included. It's therapeutic now, and will be revealing later on.

Anyway, this week there weather got even nicer (a huge breath of fresh air!), and Dan and I got to go out on a  real life date, which was AMAZING and so, so needed. 

There are 2 'hidden' elements on the spread this week, the first is just a simple folded journaling card talking about weaning Violet and starting her on formula (included an Instagram on the front, my favourite way to do these folded cards), and the 2nd is a much more private journaling note that I inserted into the little grey envelope on the first page. So not only would you have to take the card out of the album, but you'd have to take the letter out of the little sealed envelope as well to read it. I debated not putting it in at all (it's about my relationship with Dan and our marriage), but at the same time the thoughts were gnawing at me all week so I knew I had to write it down and include it. I love the idea that you can have public and private journaling in the album, it was genius of Becki to think of that! I also did a couple of cards on the computer this week (the Weekly Review written on the computer around the photo of Victor, and out 'date night' card, with 3 Instagrams and typed out journaling). The letters on the photo of Victor spell out "Explore", it's kind of hard to tell. And the LOST card is silly, but I love it!

That's about it for Week 17!

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments and I'll be sure to get back to you! Thanks for taking a peek :)


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