Sunday, April 29, 2012


I know I say it all the time, but I seriously LOVE this project. I was a bit doubtful at first that I would be able to keep it up, I thought for sure that I would get too busy or bored like I usually do, but I've managed to keep it up, and even when/if I fall a bit behind, I always manage to catch back up. And even though I've been sure a few times that I wouldn't have enough photos, that has never once been the case (in some instances I don't take photos everyday so the photos are only from 2-3 events, but really that's not an issue for me). I pick up my camera WAY more this year than last year, and with 2 small kids, that's a big deal. I'm happy that I've been recording so much of the kids' lives, Violet's especially, because as I've said, this will most likely be her 'baby book'. Milestones are being captured here, and more importantly, all the little everyday stuff is being captured too. Love.

Anyway, this particular week was just a normal one for us. Dan came home sick with the same flu that we all had the week before, but the next night we went on a 'date', and on Saturday we got to know our community a little more by going to a BBQ at the local hall. I got a cool birthday card from my sister in law that I cut down and included, and that's about it for 'stuff', the rest is just the usual words and photos. I like that you can use pretty much whatever in the album and I try to use different things from time to time, for example the purple 'B' is a wooden craft letter that I coloured with a crayola crayon. I made 2 Instagram collages (sometimes I take more photos on my phone than with my camera), a folded journaling card to talk a bit about Victor's tantrums (really loving these 'hidden' journaling cards), and I did a technique where I spread our weekly review over 2 side by side journaling cards (I think it was something Ali did once).

Here we go, Week 13!

Thanks for taking a peek!

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