Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Another week, another spread. Still really loving this project, and I'm so glad that the enthusiasm hasn't waned yet! This was another normal week for us, nothing overly exciting (no inserts or extras). Victor had his last day at his babysitter's, Dan got his hair cut and we went bowling :)

Definitely sticking to a certain 'style', which is fine by me, I enjoy the consistency of certain things like the Instagram collages (did a bit differently this week with 5 photos instead of 6), the double photo diptychs, the journaling spots and journaling on the photos, and the 'constants' that I include every week. It fills up fast, the hardest part is usually trying to find room for it all! That must mean we have a pretty full life after all :)

(PS-I totally took that tree shot like that on purpose because I knew I could do my Weekly Review in the negative space. Geek much? haha)

I'm about 5 weeks behind on sharing these, I better hurry it up!

(And I'm sorry to those who come here for more than just Project Life, but I'm pretty sure that anyone who used to read this blog has long since abandoned it, so until I catch up on these I won't worry too much about my 'regular ramble' posts...)


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