Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This week my mom, sister and I took a trip up to Bathurst to visit my aunts/cousins and grandmother, so of course I had to include an insert with those photos...It's a Design B page protector (the same one that I used for Victor's birthday part in Week 8), but I cut it down to be smaller than the 12X12 page protectors since I don't like having 12X12 inserts interrupting the 'flow' of the regular weekly spreads (in fact I may go back to Victor's party and try to re-do it somehow to be smaller, we'll see). 

Anyway, back to this week... other than the insert (which I 'tabbed' for easy reference), it's pretty regular stuff: lots of photos of the kids, random journaling, a few embellies here and there. I like using a lot of the same 'stuff' in a weekly spread to kind of tie the photos together since they are all so random, like for example this week I used a lot of little multi coloured letter stickers (on the photo of Victor and also the title of the Weekly Review card), or the sun die cut and sun journaling spot (all from the same kit, in fact). This is probably stuff that only I will notice later on down the road, but still, I enjoy the 'design' aspect of it.

STILL so loving this project (it feels so good to actually follow through on a project like this, I don't ever want to quit!)


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Stephie C said...

Oh my goodness that Yumm Blueberries pic of Violet is sooo cute heehee :) I think you mentioned before but I forgot...are you just printing your pics at home so that it is easier for you to keep up? I found that is why I always fell behind (remembering to get pics printed!)