Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A quick update

Things are going really well for our little family so far, we really can't complain about much. Here are a couple of quick updates on each of the Flynnies:

Dan (aka papa): He's getting ready to start looking for work soon, which makes me sad/nervous. It's been so nice having him help me these last 6 weeks, it's going to be quite a challenge when he starts working. And although he's enjoyed being at home with us, I think he's looking forward to going back to work, he doesn't like being a 'bum', as we put it. Other than that, he's the same constant, calm guy he's always been; fatherhood hasn't changed him that much, which I'm thankful for (not to say he isn't a good father, he's actually a really great, involved papa so far, I couldn't ask for more from him...except to stay home with me for the rest of the year, ha!) He's also researching into what extravagance he wants to get for himself, since I got my camera earlier this week...I think it's either going to be a new Playstation or an instrument of some sort.

Geneviève (aka mama): Since finding work will be Dan's main task this month, my primary goal will be finding somewhere for us to live. It's quite the challenge, as Sussex isn't a particularly 'renty' kind of place, but there are a few spots I need to check up on, so that is going to keep me busy for sure, getting us packed up and moved, once again. I can't believe it, really, it's so fast! I also have my 6 week postpartum check-up this Thursday in Halifax, so that's good, I imagine it'll be a fairly quick deal, I have no concerns whatsoever about either myself or the baby, we're both doing great. I'm actually a bit surprised at how quickly I bounced back and adapted to motherhood, I think that I'm over the initial 'hump' of being tired and things are just getting better and better. Other than being a mama, not too much is new with me, though. I haven't had time to do much creatively, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I bought a new camera so I'm very excited to start learning and using it more. I have some photography goals I'm going to set for myself, I'm really hoping that I can meet them and take the next step, so to say (more on that later maybe). I also started a scrap page at my mom's house, my first since January! I really think that once we move back into town and get settled 'for good' into a new place, I'll be able to get into my old routines more (and add some new ones like jogging and going to the family resource centre), but right now I'm still really enjoying being 'isolated' out at the camp with Dan and Victor, just being a restful, new family.

Victor (aka bébé): He turned 6 weeks old this past Friday and is doing absolutely great. He's eating and gaining weight like crazy (I think he's probably up to 12lbs or so). He's sleeping fairly well, and even though he has hit a bit of a fussy spell lately, he's still a really good baby overall. Every morning he wakes up bright eyed and happy (after he has eaten), and that is usually when we can get a few smiles from him. He loves to look around and is starting to use his hands a little bit to hold/swat at things. He's definitely a mama's boy, but he spends lots of time with papa as well, which is nice (for mama especially!) He loves being put in his soft carrier and likes going for any kind of walk or drive (meaning he falls asleep right away). His neck is getting stronger and stronger and he can hold his head up for a few seconds at a time now. He likes to be in a sitting/upright position way more than lying down, so that means lots of time on our chests, working his neck muscles. He has found his 'squealy' voice/scream, and will sometimes cry like a maniac for no reason, but most of the time he's quite easy to console, so we can't complain. I can't wait for him to be able to hold his head up and start responding to us a bit more, but I'm also really enjoying him being a newborn.

Shimi (aka the cat): For the most part she's adapting really well to the new baby and new environment. I think that she really likes being out at the camp, she gets to be 'wild', so to speak. She caught her first mouse a couple of weeks ago, but for the most part just likes to hang out with us in the camp. She took a little swat at Victor one morning (bad kitty!), but most of the time she just ignores him. She's causing a bit of an issue for us since most apartments don't take pets, but I'm sure we'll find somewhere that will take her and will be good for her. She's still our same pretty cat.

Well I guess that's it, be back later with some more pictures of the baby (taken with the 50D, of course!)

Until next time,



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update... I love to hear stories from your little family! All sounds so peacefull! LOVE the pictures (so with the new camera they will be even more beautiful? WOW!)

Stephie C said...

Love the honesty Gen and I am feeling you on so many things even with this being my 2nd! I mean my first is almost 8 so it feels all new again and I didn't breastfeed or cloth diaper the first or work when I had the first!
We too use the dang nipple shield aka the witch hat is what we call it haha! Have you pumped at all? This has been my best week so far and that is cause I have had daddy give bottles of pumped milk during what my work day will be and then only nurse at the times I will be here! Now I know you won't be going back to work but you still could pump some just to get a feeding break in here or there....believe me it feels AMAZING as the past 5 weeks I have been tethered to the sofa with a baby attached and that has been hard! Hang in there and totally make a scrapbook with all these tidbits of honesty in them!