Monday, April 26, 2010

List Lovin'

Since I didn't get a chance to write out any goals for March or April (for obvious reasons), I thought I would do a little goal-settin' (and other random-life-musin') in my very favourite of writing formats: the List.

(And let's choose the number 8, since Victor is 8 weeks old, as crazy as that is to say...)

8 things I'm loving right now:

-Canned mandarin oranges

-Re-watching Season 2 of Breaking Bad

-Victor's smiles (he has lots of them now)

-My 50D

-Hanging out with Sara and her kids

-The smell of Spring (it's finally here!)

-My re-emerging interest in pre-baby hobbies (scrapping, photography, blogging, etc)

-Sleep (when I can get it)

8 things I need to do in the coming weeks:

-Find an apartment (this is the big one)

-Start packing up the camp stuff (and cleaning up)

-Finish mailing out thank you cards

-Get our provincial health cards and licence plates

-Write to Jelena and set up some Skype dates with friends to meet Victor

-Start jogging (or some other form of exercise)

-Figure out some photography stuff (location hunting, etc)

-Record my 32-38 Week pregnancy V-log (umm, yeah, a couple of months late on this one!)

8 things I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks:

-Moving back to Sussex and civilization

-Hanging out with my family, my sister, and Sara more

-Sunnier and warmer weather

-Taking Victor out for more walks in the stroller

-Having the Internet back!!

-Victor being able to hold up his head up completely (he's really close now, but still needs a bit of help)

-Taking more pictures outside

-Not having to bundle up the baby or myself when we go out

8 things I love about Victor @ 2 months:

-His big, open mouth, gummy smiles when you talk or sing to him

-His many, many facial expressions (he has so many!)

-The little coos and noises he now makes

-The fact that he's becoming a better eater and sleeper

-His hair (come on, how can you not?)

-How he's always so happy when he wakes up in the morning and after his naps

-His love (or at least increased like) of water

-That he's still 'newborn-ish', but at the same time, becoming a little infant

8 crafty endeavours I'd like to work on next month:

-Sew a patchwork nursing cover (I have some cute fabric for this, I'll be sure to show it off once it's done!)

-Create a new blog banner (not to mention a general re-design, which it sorely needs)

-Continue knitting the blanket I started back in January

-Scrap a few layouts of the baby

-Finish and print the pregnancy Photobook I made in February, and create a few more

-Do another semi-formal (outdoor) photoshoot of Victor

-Continue working on my outstanding scrap projects (mainly the 52Qs)

-Create some artwork for Victor's eventual nursery

8 favourite pictures as of late:

Well that's about it, just a few things on my mind over the last couple of weeks. We're currently looking for an apartment in town and Dan is looking for work, so we're soon going to be on the move again and things are going to once again change. It's kind of hard because we just started getting into a routine, but it's ok, I like the challenge and it keeps things interesting, so I'm looking forward to Stage 2 of our move-home plan (Stage 3 will be buying a house, which I hope we can do later this year...)

Anyhoo, be back soon I hope, hope you all have a great week!



hollysarah said...

these latest photos of Victor are SO cute. He's adorable, and I can imagine his cute 'gummy' smiles.
Hope you are keeping well!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Victor looks soooo cute.. he's quite a little man now! LOVE the photo's and the lists... I'm not a list maker but I somehow love READING them!!! Good luck with finding an appartement (& work)

Anonymous said...