Friday, May 7, 2010

Haves and Have Nots

In the past 2 months I HAVE...
-changed more diapers than I can count (though not as many as Dan)
-breastfed soooo many times and worn only bras without underwires (aka sports bras)
-managed to go out to a restaurant with the baby on a Friday night
-learned to make up French songs to English tunes on the spot
-been to the family resource centre and the library for baby programs/groups
-scrapbooked one page about the baby and blogged about once a week
-gotten a new licence and paid a speeding ticket
-visited with friends from work and with almost all of our extended family
-spoken A LOT of baby talk
-knitted maybe 10 rows on my blanket
-used going to the bathroom as an excuse for alone/quiet time
-attempted to buy post-baby clothes (DE-PRE-SSING)
-seen Dan in a whole new light, one that I very much enjoy
-walked and danced many many times around the rooms of the camp
-taken a shower everyday
-worn pyjama bottoms all day
-watched Victor learn to smile, coo, gurgle, hold his head and gain weight

In the past 2 months I HAVE NOT...
-worn make-up
-blowdried my hair
-had the Internet at home
-renewed my Flickr account
-worn a thong, heels, skirt or dress
-had more than a 4 (solid) hour long stretch of sleep
-talked about anything else on this blog except the baby (and I'm ok with that)
-been away from Victor for longer than a couple of hours
-been alone with Dan just to relax
-cooked more than a couple of meals a week (if that!)
-had a drink (this has been probably over a year actually)
-had a mailbox
-seen a movie the whole way through
-spoken to Jelena
-bought anything online
-followed or commented on blogs as much as I used to (sorry!)

We're moving into our new place (yay!!!) this week and trying to get organized, so hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be able to take some pictures of our new home in progress and blog from my own computer (I CAN'T WAIT to have Internet again!)

Have a great weekend everyone-especially all the mamas out there!


Stephie C said...

I hear ya on buying clothes! Just think and I had to go back to work where I can only wear jeans on Fridays too! Luckily I have a friend who has a HUGE array of different sizes so she loaned me a bunch of pants! I find I still struggle though to find stuff to fit these huge ta tas! YUCK. If it would hurry and warm up I can get into my wardrobe of sundresses (of course no idea if these fit the girls either! sigh). Victor is soo cute such a little pipsqueak he is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Genevieve!!!