Monday, May 10, 2010

May Challenges

This month I'm challenging myself (and Dan) to do 2 things; one of them important and one of them less so (it's mostly just to see if we can do it).

Challenge #1: Get back on a schedule (aka rejoin society)

This is the important one, because for the past 2.5 months (longer really), we have had no schedule whatsoever. This is partly because Dan hasn't been working and partly because we've been out at the camp, which is far out of town and somewhat isolated. Also, learning how to be parents kind of threw us off our normal days (and nights). Anyway, regardless of why it happened, now that we're back in town and the baby is a bit older, we need to get back into some sort of routine. Mainly this means waking up at a decent hour, eating meals at a normal time (and making sure to eat, period), and going to bed at a reasonable hour. We have done none of those things since February. Most days I don't eat breakfast and lunch doesn't happen until 1 or 2pm. Supper also happens a bit too late and staying up until midnight or 1am is quite common (and Dan stays up even later). Now that we're trying to get Victor to sleep in his pack and play, it's become even more important that I get to bed early, because so far it hasn't been going so well and I'm awake a lot of the night. Trying to get the baby on more of a routine is part of the challenge too, but I'm not expecting much on his end, he's still very very random when it comes to his eating and sleeping schedules (blame it on on-demand-breastfeeding). Even still, with Dan hopefully heading back to work in a couple of weeks, we have to get used to the idea of a more traditional family life/schedule (including me being alone during the days). I also want to get back on a schedule because with the way it is now, we completely miss a lot of things that I want to do, like baby groups and church and different things (usually things that start in the morning). So I hope that this month we can transition without completely burning out and we can become normal members of society again, not just a family living in its own little bubble.

Challenge #2: No fast food

This challenge came up randomly when we were heading back to the camp one day, fast food in hand, and it occured to me that we were still eating way too much fast food (probably once or twice a week, and sometimes twice in one day). I thought that being out at the camp would help us get away from it, but every time we came into town we ate it, so I said to Dan that I bet we couldn't survive a month without fast food. He said of course and that it would be easy (he always says that about going without things), so I up the anted and challenged him officially to go without any fast food for a month, so now this is what we're doing. The rules to this challenge are simple: no fast food, with the exception of sit-down restaurants (including a pizza resturant that might be considered fast food if taken out), and Tim's coffee, because we couldn't live without it. So that's that, we had out last meal (A&W, eww) on April 31st and neither one of us has cheated yet. I must say though that there have been many, many times when I thought about saying "let's just pick something up". Especially this week while we were moving, we had no groceries and no kitchen stuff out, so it was tough, but we've held on and now that we're a bit more unpacked it should be easier. Only 3 more weeks to go!

So that's that, our 2 challenges for the month. Of course, getting unpacked/settled into our new place and finding work will also be taking up most of our time, but I'm looking forward to it, it will be nice to have a place that's really our own for the first time since having the baby. We only have 2 more pieces of furniture in storage to bring and then everything will here (we also need some new furniture, but I'll talk about that in another post.)

What are your goals/challenges for the month? Have you ever gone on a no-fast-food-diet?

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

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Stephie C said...

My goals for May/June are to def get more routine established (being back at work has helped that happen somewhat), eat better (we are also trying to avoid the take out!),exercise at least 4 days a week on treadmill (even if it is 15 mins!),get my project life scrapbook updated (I keep putting pics in but need to go and do journaling and tweaking and adding in of some goodies).

Anonymous said...

I've missed quite some posts.. sorry (life gets in the way, you know. I'm busy, busy, busy) but oooh, Victor is getting cuter every week! And you are in a new house? Congrats!!!! Yep, getting back to normal schedule won't be easy... good luck!!! (Oh, and I eat fast food tonight... never been on a diet but we don't eat it much either...)