Friday, May 21, 2010

As I mentioned in my previous post about cloth diapers, one of the reasons we didn't use them for the first couple of months was because we didn't own a washer and dryer (and there wasn't a set out at the camp).  Once we moved back into town and into our new flat, however, we knew we wanted to buy a set as soon as possible (the flat had hook ups only).  We didn't really know whether we were going to get a front loading set or a top loading set (we were leaning towards the cheaper top loaders), but when we went to the local appliance store in town, they were having this amazing deal on a front loading set by Frigidaire.  Basically the set cost the same amount as the top loading set (about 900$ with tax), and there were only 4 sets left, so we jumped on it.  The dryer is nothing special but the washing machine is kind of cool (it's also really handy because there is an "extra rinse" button that you can turn on and off, which is perfect for washing diapers, I turn it on and then turn it off when doing regular laundry).  It's also an HE machine, so we only need to use 1 tablespoon (or less) of detergent per load, so we'll save money on soap for sure.  Dan and I stood and watched as the washer did its first load, we were mesmerized by the portal door, lol.

Anyway, it's our first major appliance purchase, and we felt quite grown up :)

Until next time,


jediflame said...

We have that exact same set, but I think one model year before it. They have been wonderful- we've had them for almost a year and have had no issues with them at all. And, yes, we were a little obsessed with watching them at first, too. :)

Stephie C said...

Excellent!!! I was so excited when we moved into our rental house out of our apartment so that we could finally have our own washer and dryer!