Friday, May 28, 2010

This sweet little garçon is 3 months old this week.  I feel as though we've finished the 'getting to know you' stage and we're now entering the 'fun' stage.  He's becoming so animated and expressive, and he's developing new skills all the time, it's so fun to watch and be with him (when he's in a good mood, that is...luckily that's most of the time).

A few things about Victor @ 3 months:

-He's eating about every 3 hours now as opposed to 2, which is really nice.  He can also sleep for longer periods of time too, up to 5 hours if we're really lucky.  We've got the breastfeeding thing down (even though we're still using the shield-we might for the whole  year, who knows), and we now have a little 'trick' for getting him to sleep (soother + blanket up against his face).

-He loves to stand and sit (with our help), and doesn't like being held on his back unless he's going to sleep.  He's using the Jolly Jumper and his play gym the most these days, and he really enjoys swatting at his toys (a monkey in particular).  He's still not very fond of tummy time, but he gets plenty of neck exercise when he's being held over our shoulder.  He can hold his head pretty steady these days, except for the occasional slump. He also rolled over a few days ago (from his tummy to his back), and I think it surprised him more than me.

-He's most content just sitting in our laps and looking at our faces (in fact, this is a morning
ritual; after we have our morning feeding, he sits on my stomach while I'm lying in bed and he just stares at us for about 20 mins).  He's smiling basically any and every time we look at him and he loves to hear us talk.  He's making a lot of 'talking' noises himself, his favourite being 'ahhh-oooou', with the occasional 'gagoo' thrown in.  He doesn't full out laugh yet but it's coming soon, he chuckles sometimes when he's really happy.

-He loves his dad just as much as he does me, but it still kind of wary of strangers (even my parents).  If he can't see me when in the arms of someone else, a lot of times he'll cry, but he's getting better and I'm trying to encourage him to be more social.

-We know his different cries now and he's doing a lot of 'fake' crying, which is more like yelling just to get what he wants.  When he's really upset he heaves and cries so hard that it can take a really long time for his to calm down, so we try to stop that from happening before it starts (it doesn't happen too often luckily).  We respond to him as soon as he cries so overall he doesn't cry much.  We call him 'bi-polar baby' though because he can go from smiling to crying in a second and then back again.

-We couldn't love him more.

(All these shots were taken at the park earlier this week.)

That's all for now, be back later this weekend with more thoughts on my A Week in the Life project, a scrap layout I'm almost finished and hopefully a few shots of some kiddos I'm shooting tomorrow (in the Canon way, not the gun way of course!)

Happy Weekend!


Kara said...

He is just soooo cute! I love his little overalls. :)

Anonymous said...

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