Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So, way back in October I wrote this tome of a post about my plans for cloth diapering our baby, and now that I've finally started using them (we didn't use them while we were out at the camp because we had no washer and dryer, plus I found they were too big), I though that I would share a bit about what I like, don't like, and how I feel about the whole thing in general so far.

First of all, this is what I'm currently using (all in size small):

-Sandy's Mother-Ease Fitted diapers (X6)
-Fuzzibuns All-in-One Pocket diapers (X5)
-Fuzzibuns Perfect-Size Pocket diaper (X1)
-Kissaluvs Fitted diapers (X4)
-Bummis Organic Prefold diapers (X6)
-Sears brand "cheapo" Fitted diapers (X12) *These were given to me by a friend* 
-Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and Super Brite Wraps (X4)
-Kushies Wraps (X2)

So in total I have 22 good diapers and 12 "back-ups", with 4 good wraps and 2 "back-ups". For when he gets older I'll be using the Fuzzibuns AIOs (same as above), 2 Perfect Size Fuzzibuns (medium), 4 Sandy's Mother-Ease (mediums), 6 Bummis Prefolds (mediums), and about 10 Kushies AIOs that I got from my sister-in-law. I'll probably also keep using the Sears brand as my back-ups since they are a bit big right now. As for wraps I'll be using 4 medium Bummis Whisper and Super Brite wraps, some Kushies wraps that I got from a friend and 2 Aristocrat wool covers that I received as a present. So really there's no reason I should want more...even though I do! lol  

(And just to be clear, buying all of this wasn't cheap, I ended up spending about 650$ for everything, but it was all bought before the baby was born and over time, so we really didn't feel a big blow to our budget...we'll more than make up for it in the next couple of years I'm sure!)

Ok, here we go, in random point format:

*First, the Fuzzibuns. I must admit that at first I wasn't too thrilled with these, especially the All-in-Ones. I found that they didn't fit well around the legs and they bunched up too much in the bum/back. But after frigging around with the leg elastics and finding the right fit (I shortened the bum and kept the front long since that's where most of the wetness is), I'm starting to like them much more. I can now snap them so that they fit well and are less bunchy, which is good for wearing onesies and PJs. Dan also likes them because they are the least amount of work and are easy to use. Taking and putting in the insert isn't too bad (even though I HATE the feeling of the inserts, something about the cotton/fabric), and they are quite absorbent (though not as much as the Sandy's). They are the diapers I bring with me in my diaper bag, and they also win as far as cuteness goes. The perfect size Fuzzibuns are pretty much the same thing, except that you can't adjust the leg elastic and there are only 6 snap sets, not 8. They won't fit him in another couple of months, but like I said before in my original post, I got them on sale so it's worth it. Overall, now that I'm used to them, the Fuzzibuns are definitely our luxury cloth diapers and I would buy more if I could.

*When it comes to the fitted diapers, I definitely have a preference for the Sandy's Mother-Ease diapers. They are super, super absorbent, don't leak and are really easy to put on, just a leg snap and a waist snap, with a few different snaps to adjust the size. They were also a really good price (about 11.50$, less than half of a Fuzzibun), so that's always a bonus. As for the the Kissaluvs, I'm still not sure about them, when I put them on the first time the snaps were kind of weird and they leaked A LOT immediately, but then I washed them and the second time they did much better, so maybe they just needed to be washed first (I probably should have paid attention to that, ha!). They are the softest though for sure, I love the feeling of them and I imagine Victor does too. The Sears back-up fitted diapers are just that, back-ups, so I don't worry about them too much, even though I have been using them and so far, they are holding up well (what I do is add a fuzzibuns liner-each diaper came with 2-to them and they become just as absorbent as the other fitted diapers.)

*I honestly haven't used the Bummis prefolds much, except as liners to go in the Sears fitted diapers. Part of the reason why was because I had no idea how to fold and use them, but I looked it up online last week and apparently you don't have to fold them around the baby at all, you just insert them into the wraps like a liner and put them on, that's it. So I'll probably attempt to use them soon, but only when I'm at home and it would be ok if they leaked. They are pretty absorbent though as liners, so worst case scenario, I'll use them as liners in the cheaper Kushies and Sears diapers.  Or as burp cloths, because heaven knows we need a lot of those!

*As for the wraps, I LOVE the Bummis Whisper and Super Brite wraps. They work with any kind of diapers I use, not just Bummis brand, and they keep all leaks in. Not to say that they don't get wet, but he has to be REALLY wet to feel anything on the outside.  I haven't tried the Kushies, they are just cheapo spares I bought, and I also haven't tried the Aristocrats wool soakers because they are still a bit too big and also, it would be too hot for him to wear a thick wool cover at this time of year, but they will be perfect this Fall.

So that's a review of the diapers/covers I'm using.  Fuzzibuns are great, but I think that a Sandy's Mother Ease fitted diaper with a Bummis wrap comes in at a very, very close second, so if you can't afford the AIOs, I would recommend that combination.  If we ever come across some extra money I may consider getting some BumGenius' just to try them out, but so far I'm happy with my brand/type choices.

As for cloth diapering in general:

*The way I handle the cleaning of the diapers is what my friend did with hers and it seems to work well; I have a pail of water (no soap or anything) by the change table, so when I change him I simply put the diaper/wrap in the water to soak.  So far odour hasn't been a problem, but I'm assuming that's because he's still not peeing anything strong smelling, nor is he pooping much (haven't had a poop in a cloth diaper yet, that'll be fun!), so once he starts solids that'll change.  Anyway, once the pail gets full (about every 3 days), I take them, wring them out (wearing rubber gloves), throw them in the washer and wash them on HOT, with an extra rinse.  I'm currently using Allen's soap, which is made specifically for cloth diapers, and I really don't have to use much, maybe an ounce (I have a front loading washer, so it requires even less soap).  I've been drying them on the line mostly, but sometimes the fitted diapers need a few extra minutes in the dryer to get really dry (the Fuzzibuns dry in no time).  Overall it's been really easy and not a lot of hassle at all (I think having an abundance of diapers helps, if I had to do a wash every 2 days it might be harder.)

*Cloth diapering is just as easy as regular diapering, apart from the washing it's not any extra work (unless you consider putting on a wrap extra work).  Dan has had no issues with using them either (he tends to reach for the Sandy's too), and although we've had some leaks, all of them have been our fault, not the diaper's (we're really bad at leaving diapers on longer than we should, we're probably only changing him 5-6 times in 24 hours).

*One thing I did not count on was having to change the wraps at every changing, I thought that one wrap would do all day, but half of the time they are so wet in the elastics that we have to change them.  Having known that, I would have bought a few more wraps and maybe a few less diapers.  Sometimes if it's not too wet I'll just let it dry and then put it back on at the next changing (again, his pee is so odourless and colourless at this point that it's not an issue).

*At this point we're still using disposables for the overnight hours, but that may change eventually (mostly it has to do with our laziness at changing him between the hours of 2-7am).  Still, one small pack of diapers (less than 20$) will last us a month, as opposed to a week, which is awesome.

*The only downside to cloth diapering?  Not being able to wear cute clothes.  It's quite annoying because many of his onesies and PJs that still fit him when he's wearing disposables don't fit when he's wearing cloth (especially fitted diapers and wraps), so I'm quite limited in what he can wear.  Many of his pants are too tight around the waist too from the extra bulk, so I might have to go up a size, which means super long pants and too big necklines/sleeves.  But it's a small price to pay.

*Finally, Victor doesn't seem to mind wearing them (though I doubt he cares too much, lol)

So basically, I'm really enjoying cloth diapering so far and do not regret the decision.  Maybe once he has his first poop I'll change my mind, but so far it's been easy and I feel really good about the money we're saving the garbage we're not creating.  The final step will be to get rid of wipes and start using washcloths (I'm starting already), so once we'll do that we'll be completely natural, which I really love.

Whew, sorry that was so long!  To make up for it, here's a cute picture of the babe @ 11 Weeks:

He had a bad day today, so seeing pictures like this helps me remember how wonderful he really is, lol.

I'd love to hear about your cloth diapering adventure, whether you're using the same brands as me or not, so link me up if you can!

Until next time,


Shirley said...

For the covers, if it is only urine, you can wipe them out with a damp facecloth and reuse them until they are a little stinky.

Stephie C said...

YAY for scrapping again and that layout is amazing love it! LMAO on quick and dirty scrapping ;)

We love our fuzzibunz as I mentioned! We only have perfect size ones so haven't messed with the one size ones (our ebay ones are one size though). And yes the microfiber inserts make my hands feel funny like if touch chalk and it makes me shudder (luckily my husband has been stuffing them for me after laundered heh heh).

I don't even soak ours! I just toss all into a pail that has the wet bag in it! So far all have come clean except some stained inserts but who sees those anyway? haha...I use Rockin Green hard rock for hard water ;)

Tessah said...

I've gone a little overboard with our cloth diapers--first by trying every brand of one-size pocket diaper to see what I like (so far the BumGenius seem to work best for us), and then by joining an online CD community to learn how to take care of them and be tempted to try others. But as it turns out, I hate stuffing pockets, so I am experimenting with AI2s and I am using prefolds in the meantime. Basically, we now use prefolds most of the time around the house, AI2s for going out (compact for diaper bag) and double-stuffed pockets at night (I hate the feel of the microfiber too, but it works well). I have lots of pictures of the different ones we've tried and I should do a review of some sort somewhere.