Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, kinda.

This is the first page I've scrapped in months, since Victor was born, and it took me about 3 weeks to finish (mostly because all of my scrap stuff was moved into a tote at my mom's house, so I only got to work on it when visiting, and most of the time I was too busy to work on it.)  Anyway, it's based on a sketch from the Creative Scrappers blog, one that my mom visits frequently.  I think that I'll be using sketches/other people's layouts to help me get going, since it's been so so long, I'm quite rusty.

Anyway, this is just a simple layout about Victor at 5 Weeks (can't believe that was over 6 weeks ago!).  The journaling talks about how at this age his personality started to appear, he started to be awake more and we got to know him better. The journaling is in French, something I'm not sure I'm going to do on every page, since I rarely write in French and if I have to worry about grammar and punctuation, I'd rather just write in English, frankly.  Journaling is hard enough for me, I don't need the additional challenge of re-writing something 18 times and having to look words up in the dictionary and verb conjugations in the Becherelle (even though it would probably be good for me).  Knowing how I scrap and write (quick and dirty), I know this would frustrate me and cause me to write nothing at all, something I don't want to do with Victor's pages. 
Well, I have plenty more pictures of him to scrap, so expect to see more layouts soon, and hopefully the return of the 52Qs!

Until next time,

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