Saturday, July 3, 2010

26. I'm afraid of being in wide open spaces, especially in the dark.
27. Actually, I'm kind of afraid of the dark in general.
28. I've had my heart broken once and never want to go through that pain again.
29. I have one sister, Daphné, and we're 18 months apart.  We've gotten along great all our lives except for one period from about age 14 to 19 or so (just teenagers I guess).
30. I only have 2 grandmothers left, but am only close to one (we're estranged from the other).
31. I have Marfan Syndrome, though it's very mild and we mostly just joke about it.
32. My first trip on a plane was from Montreal to Cancun when I was 8.
33. I have flown quite a bit but dislike it.
34. I always eat the caramel off the top of Mars bars before the nougat part.
35. I have little sympathy for hypochondriacs and people who are 'tired all the time'...get over it.
36. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a writer or an artist when I grew up.
37. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a translator when I grew up.
38. Now, I want to be a photographer and stay at home mom when I grow up.
39. I cannot understand (nor do I want to understand) philosophy, I just can't wrap my brain around it and find it to be a waste of time.
40. I'm a history nerd, but mostly only about Europe.
41. I am a Christian but have always been curious about Wiccans and their beliefs.
42. For the longest time, Braveheart was my favourite movie. Now I have a few, but they change frequently.
43. Dan and I have only gone swimming together maybe 5-6 times in the 7 years we've been together.
44. I speak English and French, used to be able to speak Spanish fairly well, and studied 3 years of German. I'd like to learn Gaelic and Croatian.
45. I used to not eat anything 'red' (meaning strawberries, raspberries, berry-flavoured drinks or candies), but now I do (even though I don't like berry or fruit punch).
46. I love Thai food and sushi, but am also not ashamed to say I like or eat Mcdonald's.
47. I ran a 10km in 2007 and am currently training for a 4-person marathon relay in October...but I don't like running all that much.
48. My favourite holiday is Halloween, though I hardly ever do anything on the actual day (hoping that will change this year with Victor).
49. I'm currently a bit obsessed with Henry VIII and the show "The Tudors".
50. I really love seafood but only kind of like fish.
51. I've stepped my toes in the Atlantic Ocean (from both sides), Pacific Ocean, Adriatic Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and Mediterranean Sea.

Happy Saturday, and happy long weekend to all the Americans! :)

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Anonymous said...

I eat the chocolate right off the mars bars and squish the nougat and caramel together. My husband thinks I'm so gross.