Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ways to keep cool...

We, like most other people it seems, are suffering through this terrible heat wave, and let me tell you, living in an old Victorian upstairs flat with windows that DO NOT open is making it even harder!  So we're trying to find ways to keep cool, such as:

*Fans-which don't do a whole heck of a lot, but it's something
*Hanging old, ugly, holey curtains that were being saved for broadcloth in the living room because they are red and block out the sunlight
*Iced coffees.  SO MANY ICED COFFEES.
*Escaping to the parents' house or Wal Mart...anywhere with air conditioning
*Cold washcloth "hats" (see above)
*Dressing in as little as possible
*Closing off the back part of our house and hanging out in our bedroom where it's coolest (I even moved the rocking chair in there from the living room)
*Hopefully buying a kiddie pool soon to dip our feet (and the baby) in...

It's still pretty miserable though.

How are you all beating the heat?  Are you one of the lucky ones with AC?


Stephie C said...

No a/c here either and miserable! I was sat indian style in just undies nursing Lainey in front of a fan the other night praying our friend who is visiting did not come up from the basement for anything haha...I am actually enjoying work these days since I get cold there *gasp*

danilouwho said...

oooh yes, definitely a/c... I hate to admit this, but I would probably wither without it! kudos to you guys!

He looks so darling... what a cutie!