Monday, July 12, 2010

Victor's Room (The details)

(Thrifted chalkboard with cute postcard from my friend Anna.  Hanging on Victor's door.)

So I've been saying for awhile now that I was going to post pictures of Victor's nursery, but I just haven't gotten around to taking any good pictures of the room yet (I tried once with my mom's camera but they were awful so I'm going to re-take them.)  And while these pictures aren't the best either, it's the best I can come up with for now so they will have to do :)

I wrote about my 'vision' for Victor's room before he was born back in November, and while the room of course didn't turn out exactly the way I had imagined, overall I'm quite happy with it.  Not knowing the shape/size of the room before making the plans made it a bit harder, but I worked with what I had and with what little money I had to spend (I basically got everything in the room from 1 of 4 places: Etsy, Dollarama, Wal-Mart and thrifted/gifted).

So without further ado, here are some close-ups of the room, full shots to come soon I hope!

1. The dresser: I got this awesome art-deco dresser off Kijiji for 80$, I love it and will eventually move it into our room once I re-do Victor's kid-size room in our [eventual] house.  I considered putting a change pad on the top but I figured it wasn't wide enough with the mirror and besides, we change him either on our bed or the couch anyway, so we didn't really need a change station.  Instead I keep a little wooden box I tole-painted (remember tole painting?!) with all his toiletry-type items in it, along with some other little decorations.  It works out really well actually because he loves sitting/standing on the dresser and looking at all the pretties on top and in the mirror.  The llama is real alpaca wool and was a gift from my sister, along with the Baby Blessing candle.  The touch lamp I actually got at a local home-depot type store I think for about 20$.  The print is Ashely g, the little ceramic owl is thrifted and spray painted, the leaf 'soother buffet' dish is thrifted, the black rosary hanging from the mirror is from my trip to Spain in '05 and the rosary in the little heart on the dresser (pink, ha!) is from my trip Italy last August, the picture frame from Wal-Mart and the "joy" ornament is a gift (I need to put a pic in there!)   

(Another view of the dresser from the door, along with the only window.  The curtain panel was thrifted a long time ago and the hanging owls were a gift from my friend Heather. I added them to an already existing mobile-type thing I made a couple of years ago, I need to take a better shot of it.)

2. Chair: Right next to the dresser is this chair, which Heather and I thrifted a couple of years ago (it was hers but she gave it to me when she moved.)  I wanted originally to have a glider or something in the room, but there's just not enough space, and this chair is actually just the right proportion for the room.  Heather had re-covered it in this blue flower fabric and I had been meaning to re-upholster it for a long time, but I find it suits the room now so I decided to keep it.  I recently took out some books and put them near the chair, so this is now our little reading area.

3.Crib/Mobile: I had the hardest time picking out a crib; I wasn't sure if I wanted white or dark wood, and whether I really wanted to spend a bunch of money on it or not.  In the end I went with the cheap white one from Wal-Mart :)  I actually like it though, it's super simple with clean lines and looks a lot like the Gulliver crib from Ikea, which was a close 2nd choice.  It also pops against the green accent wall.  Anyway, I knew I wanted to put some pom poms over the crib instead of a mobile (inspired by Ashley from Under the Sycamore, check out her blog, it's awesome!), so I bought a set of 3 from an Etsy shop...the colours are WAY off from the colours I had in mind (the neon yellow is supposed to be the same colour as the wall and the teal one the same colour as the owl on the dresser), but it was too late so I used 'em anyway, they're cute.  The Chinese lanterns are from the Dollarama, I stuck some scrapbook paper to the bottoms to cover up the cardboard.  I'm thinking I'd like to string a few paper chains down and around the poms, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

(White fuzzy 'Yeti' fur rug in front of the crib from Wal-Mart)

(Birth announcement print hanging next to crib, from Etsy)

4. Shelving:  On the long wall of the room (opposite wall from the window), I have a 7ft long low-lying shelf (it was actually the top part of a sideboard I had thrifted last year).  There I keep all of Victor's cloth diapers, blankets, bibs, receiving blankets, toys, books, basically everything non-clothes related.  I wasn't able to get any pictures of the entire thing, but I will get some soon and post.  Above the shelf is a big collage of frames/photos/mirrors, etc, which I'll also have to take a pic of soon.

(The shelf-I keep a pillow on top in case I want to nurse in the chair, and Victor's baby book is in the foreground displayed on a metal easel I got from Dollarama.  The little wooden car was hand carved and given to me as a present.)

(These buckets hold Victor's bibs and his hats.  They're also from the Dollarama.  The little clip on chalkboards were another gift from my friend Anna, she got them from a cool paper store, they're so cute, I have them all over the room! And of course Bill, Victor's newborn buddy.)

And, because I'm such a huge nerd and bored on this Monday night, here's a layout sketch of his room:                  
So that's that.  I'll post some full pictures of the room as soon as I remember to get my mom's camera again (and use the settings properly!)

Hope you enjoyed the little tour,


Stephie C said...

It turned out gorgeous! Love all the etsy and thrift store details! Bummer on the pom colors but they still look cute (never did get around to making Lainey's even though I had bought the tissue etc...haha)

katie said...

his room looks sooo awesome! and don't worry about the pom poms matching exactly, they look great, and give some depth to the colors in the room. :)

[you had asked some questions about my blog post. the scooter fabric that i had in the pictures is going to be for his bumper. the skull onesie is from baby gap. :)]


Michelle said...

Oh, cute room!! :) Lots of lovely details!! And if you're a nerd, than I'm a nerd - cuz I totally sketch my rooms like that, Great minds think alike - and plan! :)