Thursday, November 11, 2010


[post inspired by Holly Sarah]

November is for: slowing down after a crazy October, going to bed earlier, becoming more patient, swimming at the Aquatic Centre, taking out the winter and christmas decorations, getting ahead of christmas shopping/crafting, making lots of stews and casseroles, attending Tupperware parties, knitting a few rows every night, working on a 'secret' project, tackling an enormous to-do list, getting the car fixed, blogging, taking more pictures at home, buying a vacuum cleaner, getting out for walks despite the cold, keeping expectations realistic, cutting and organizing fabric, putting away scrap stuff, giving, wearing big sweaters, drinking hot cholcolate, listening to a bit of holiday music, and getting out of the daily grind from time to time.

Here's hoping I'm in this space more; I miss it.


Stephie C said...

you and me both about missing it girl....I have totally fallen out of my crafting groove which just bums me's to hoping to many more completed projects crafty and otherwise in our future!

Anonymous said...

The "working on a 'secret' project" is the most intriguing part... enjoy November Genevieve!