Sunday, November 14, 2010

We're going!!

I've mentioned recently how Dan and I have been watching a lot of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) together and how it's a fun thing for us to have in common...well, we're taking it to the next level, because on December 11th, we're both going to see UFC 124 in Montreal!

Dan has been talking about going to see a fight for a long time, and so when we saw that they were coming to Montreal (and that it was going to be GSP fighting in his hometown), he started looking into getting tickets.  We decided that this trip would replace our Christmas presents (plus a few other things!), so we tried to get tickets when they came out...but they sold out almost immediately.  Dan was super bummed, but luckily a few weeks later some tickets came up for sale online (at a higher price-damn scalpers), so we bought a couple of those and got our tickets on Thursday. 

We booked a hotel downtown near the Bell Centre, and we're both really excited!  We haven't had a trip together since we went to California in August 2008.  We're going to be driving there, which is about 10 hours, so it's going to be a long trip (especially in winter), but it will give us a chance to have lots of alone time together. We're leaving on Friday and coming back on Sunday.  My parents/sister are going to watch the baby, which is nice, and so we're going to have a chance to explore Montreal together without having to worry about kid-friendly restaurants and middle-of-the-museum freak outs.  It's going to be sooo nice :)

Anyway, it's only 4 weeks away, time is speeding by as usual!  Then once we get home it'll be full on Christmas mode, how did that happen!?

This week we're going swimming at the Aquatic Centre, Victor's first real pool experience, I hope he enjoys it!  It's supposed to be gorgeous out all week too so I'm hoping to get out to take some family Christmas photos (good luck!), and spend some more time outside after a terrible week of pouring rain.

Happy Sunday to you, be back soon I hope.


Lea the Lion said...

Wow! So jealous! Especially since you get to see GSP fight!

Stephie C said...

How fun!!! I am dying for a date night with my hubby! Hoping to maybe get one in the new year....sigh