Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick November update

*I suck at blogging. Period.

*It snowed here for the first time on Saturday and it was really wonderful. Huge, fluffy flakes fell and I couldn't stop looking out the window. Everything went from gray and brown to crisp clean white in an instant, and the nostalgia swept over me. The first snowfall is always a magical thing, I look forward to it around this time every single year (and then of course curse it 5 months later, but that's another story.)

*Things are going well around here. Dan is still working some long hours, but it should calm down soon so we're looking forward to that. I've been keeping busy with Victor and his ever growing abilities. The photoshoots have slowed down significantly, but I've been busy working on other photography related things and am really looking forward to next year and what it will bring for me and my camera.  Hopefully the countless hours of work will be worth it!

*I FINALLY finished knitting Victor's blanket this week. Now we just need to add the silk binding around the edges and call it done. It's definitely not PERFECT (in fact I'm a bit disappointed with the final product), but for my first attempt at knitting I shouldn't be too harsh. And Victor won't notice any flaws when he crawls all over it and eventually carries it around with him.

*Next up is getting my scrap desk cleared off so that I can pull out the sewing machine and really get started on Victor's patchwork blanket.  My mom and I have started cutting the fabrics, but if I'm going to get in done before Christmas (super wishful thinking!), then I need to start working on it way more.

*Yes, I've listened to a bit of Christmas/holiday music, but I'm trying to hold off one more week.  Same with decorating, I have my little trees out but not much else.  I think I'll pull everything out in a couple of weeks.  *EDIT: It's snowing again now, so I'm totally listening to my entire Christmas playlist, ha!
*I'm going to look at another house this week and I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it just might be perfect for us :)  I've been ridiculously inspired by SouleMama and her Maine farmhouse makeover, it's totally something I could see myself wanting to do with our home.
*I bought my first Christmas present over the weekend, but there's still so much to do, I'm kind of panicking that there are only 30-something days until Christmas, at the rate I do things these days I'll be lucky to get it all done in time!

*We're bringing the car in tomorrow, it needs some major TLC before trekking it to Montreal, which means some major money no doubt.  Perfect timing of course (I also happen to be out of contact lenses...when it rains it pours!)

*I've been tasked with designing my friend Heather's wedding album and it's been fun so far!  I'm using MyPublisher, the same company that I used to make my Italy book back in the day, so it's been easy and quick, but I think that I am going to use Shutterfly or Snapfish to do the parents' albums, which will be fun since I can compare printing quality.

*I've been meaning to take some Christmas photos forever to send out with our Christmas cards, but of course I've been procrastinating.  I really need to get a remote for my camera, it would make things so much easier!  Do you hear me, Santa?

Ok that's all for now, Victor's grabbing at my knees.  November, you're going a bit faster than I had wanted, but I have a feeling it's not your fault, it's mine.

Be back later this week with Victor's 9-month update.

Until next time,


Stephie C said...

aww I have those little trees too and cannot wait to put them putting out the big tree is a different story with the little one about! I agree the first snow of the season is magical(ours should happen this weekend if not tomorrow for Thanksgiving!)I am not ready for it though brrrr

Aimee said...

Awww, he's growing up so fast and is adorable. Love your new photos :) Happy Holidays!