Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brain Spill

I love this blurry photo of Dan playing his guitar, I don't know why.

I must admit, my mind is pretty jumbled at this point, with so many little things running through it that it's just a buzz most of the time, but I'm trying my best to keep myself organized and, most of all, calm. I have about 4 weeks left before the baby comes (possibly less), and 2.5 weeks left before we pack up our stuff and head to the camp. It has always seemed so far away that now, with our departure being so close, I may start to freak out a little (I'm more frazzled about the move than the baby, oddly.) This absence of extra time is making me think that we really have to get on the ball with our to-do lists (both me and Dan), and that we better get ourselves prepared because from here on out, our plans could be stopped at a moment's notice, when that first contraction hits or my water breaks, whatever isn't done now just won't get done.

So, here we go, I'm going to try and get some of these thoughts out of my brain and into some sort of order, please excuse the randomness and length of my rambles:

-We have our storage facility in Sussex booked for Feb 27th, so that is going to be our official 'move day'. We're renting a big U-haul, and Dan is probably going to have to try and wrangle up some extra hands to help him move, since I will be pretty useless at doing anything except directing what goes where. The plan is that if the baby is born before then, we will head straight to the camp and set up, and if he's not, we'll drop off all of our stuff except for a few items of clothing and my hospital bag, and we'll trek back up to Halifax to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights to wait it (him) out. I'm really hoping that he's born just before we move (Feb 22nd or something would be ideal), but of course I have no say in the matter so we will just have to see. Of course all these plans may change depending on what actually happens, but right now this is how we're going to attempt it.

-We picked up the pack 'n play that my mom bought us from Sears last night, and I think that Dan is going to try and put it together tonight. At first we debated whether we should bother or not, but really, if I'm expecting to have the baby before we move and have him here for a few night at least, then we should have somewhere set up for him to sleep (it's a bassinet, change station and playpen all in one, and it'll be where he sleeps until he's a couple of months old). At the very worst we'll just have to pack it up in its travel bad and lug it to the camp for when he's born (after we move).

-We also need to get the car seat installed, that's one of Dan's to-dos for this weekend, to clean out the car and install the seat.

-My major to-do is to get everything packed. We're about 70% there, the only problem is that a lot of what needs to be packed, we're going to be using over the next 2.5 weeks, so we'll have to wait until the last possible moment to pack that stuff up, which will be quite inconvenient if the baby comes too early...

Evidence of my day out, it was so nice!

-Last weekend Dan and I went to Keiser's to get what will probably be our last sub sandwiches (this is the place about 25 mins outside of the city that I had Dan drive me to a few times in my first trimester, I love it there!) On the way home I had him stop at a local Salvation Army and I was so glad that I did, despite breaking my 'no shopping' bedrest rule. I managed to get about 5-6 inexpensive sleepers for the baby and a few things for myself (a pair of Maternity jeans that I don't loathe and a post-baby plaid shirt). The feeling of thrifting was just awesome, I really really missed it during the last 6-8 weeks. I loved it so much that I actually went to Value Village on Monday for their 50% off day and got a ton of stuff there too, mostly things for the baby, but also a pair of pyjamas for the hospital, a few shirts/sweaters for Dan and some shirts for me post-baby.

-Can I just say how much I'm looking forward to wearing normal clothes again? Honestly it's going to be one of the best things (after having the baby I mean, ha).

-My creative streak is pretty much gone, so much so that I'm thinking of packing up my scrap stuff early (I was going to leave it out until the very end.) I was going to do a layout about Dan, but it never happened, and I was going to try and finish my 52Qs, but I've run out of photos that I need and also the motivation to finish. Maybe I'll take one more stab at it and if nothing comes of it, I'll pack it away and hope that it returns when I'm at the camp.

-I did start filling out some of the lists from my Listography book, and I actually had Dan fill some of them out too along with me! I need to fill out a few more, but I figure that this is something quick and easy that I can save for the camp.

The lists.

-As for my knitting, I'm about 75% done the first ball, I want to finish it before we move (I know I had grand plans for finishing the ball in a week, but when it takes 15 mins to do one row, it's just not realistic). I had a small mistake a few night ago and had to call my mom to get reassurance that it would be ok, and I managed to fix most of it, but there's one little section that you can tell I went astray...oh well, overall it's coming along really well and I can't wait to take pics of my baby with it later this Spring :)

Well that's all I can think of for the moment, like I said the jumble makes it hard to be coherent about anything, but one thing for sure is that I'm extremely anxious to meet our son, to hold him, to see what he looks like and begin life with him. These last few weeks, as busy as they are going to be, can't take away this excitement I'm feeling (despite all the soreness and hugeness).

Be back later perhaps with some more rambling, or sharing what I can before I log off for a little while, so until then, hope you are enjoying your week, snowy or not!



Stephie C said...

I still cannot believe you are going to be moving during baby's arrival you nutty couple haha!

As for my maternity leave sadly I live in America where we get a grand total of 6 weeks off (SUCKS) I could take up to 12 weeks off but the second 6 weeks would be no pay and I am head of household :(

Sarah said...

Hope everything goes smoothly, sounds a little bit crazy but everything will work out. So hard to plan when you don't know when it will happen. As for the knitting I find the video's on pretty easy to follow and they give lots of good tips along with how to fix some mistakes.

Anonymous said...

It's always a surprise to find out if you've been posting on your blog, if not - I get excited thinking "the baby, the baby..." But here you are again! Well, reading this, I wish you and Dan a calm and peaceful mind this weekend!