Friday, February 12, 2010


Just wanted to quickly share a few little things I've seen on the Internet this week that I'm loving:

This photo makes me long for Fall again (already!)

When I'm not daydreaming about my baby, I'm daydreaming about my photography goals, and this list is just the thing I needed to feel more confident about it (I'll have to blog about this more at some point, it consumes many of my thoughts.)

I LOVE this dress from Bleubird Vintage. I don't think the measurements are my size, but the fact that I want to wear and purchase a dress is a big deal. I must REALLY want out of this pregnant body!

I've been using this yummy smelling body butter to dry and beat my dry winter skin, and I've been rubbing it on my belly to hopefully combat the much-feared stretch marks that are about to come my way. I hope it works!

Now I'm not a Valentine's Day girl AT ALL, it's just not a holiday I can get behind, but when I saw this Valentine I thought it was beyond adorable and clever. I wish I had found it earlier to send to my other LOST-loving friends!


And even though I don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day, that doesn't mean that hubs can't spoil me with a sweet treat, does it? An ice cream cake from DQ sounds like the perfect gift to me.


Well that's it, today I need to get some more work done (will it ever end?!), clean up and do some laundry, and then later this afternoon I'm Skyping with my friend Jelena from Italy, I haven't talked with her in forever so it should be fun! No plans for the weekend besides getting more things crossed off of our never-ending checklist. I found out yesterday at my doctor's appointment that they will probably want to induce me at 39 Weeks, and since I really don't want that to happen, it looks like this baby is going to have to be born not next week but the week after! Insane-ness. I've been looking into natural ways to help labour start (walking, foods, scrubbing the kitchen floor), so I'll probably start those late next week, wish me luck!

Have a great weekend to all the lovers out there!


Oh, and PS-When we have our 2nd baby, I'm definitely stepping up my Belly Shot game and will attempt something like this AMAZING Maternity series. So wonderful and beautiful.

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