Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Bump-related post, I promise!

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Just checking in to say that yes, we're still here, my poor blog has been neglected to no end, but with everything else that's going on, that's just the way it's going to have to be for a little while I think. I'll hopefully be back in the somewhat-normal swing of things by Spring (I'll need a blog makeover before then for sure!)

A few things:

-I made the collage above last week and put it up on my Flickr/Facebook but forgot to post it here (sometimes I feel foolish for posting things in so many spots, but it has to be done I guess). Anyway, it covers all of my Belly shots from Weeks 18 to 36.5. I didn't bother posting the 12 Week or 15 Week shots because they weren't taken in front of the garage door so they don't match, and plus I wasn't showing then anyway so...I probably should take a 37.5 Weeks shot, but I don't think I have it in me to find clothes that would look decent in a photo, so this is how it will stay. And plus, if the baby sticks around inside until next weekend, then I'll take a 38.5 Weeks shot instead. Anyway, it's really neat to see the progression of my bump (and the lack of creativity in my outfits later on, haha), it's been a long journey in a way, but at the same time it flew by, and I can't wait to make some sort of photobook or mini with these shots.

-I'm SO ready for Winter to be over...I waited as long as I could before making any sort of statement like that because really, where I live, Winter runs into the middle of April usually so wishing for Spring in January or February is just silly and counter-productive. It's not so much Spring that I need, I don't mind the snow or colder temps (it's been pretty mild here actually, most of the time just above freezing), it's just plain ole' SUNSHINE that I want. It's been a long stretch of gray here so it makes the days much less bright, my moods would be lifted quite a bit if only I could feel some warm light coming in through the windows. Soon enough I suppose...

-So this is it, this is our last week here, and if we had things our way, the week we'd meet our little bébé. I'm going to the doctor on Thursday for my last check-up, if things haven't progressed or started by then, they're going to set a date for inducing me the week after. Since I'm not a huge fan of the idea of inducing, I'd really like to start this thing beforehand, but I haven't felt a single thing that would indicate that our little Flynn isn't perfectly happy where he's at, so I'm not super hopeful that it'll happen like we want. But it's ok, I know that within the next couple of weeks he'll be here and one way or another, we'll get through it and we'll be a little family soon :)

-Dan and I went out to see Shutter Island last night and in my preggo brain state, I couldn't stop dreaming/ thinking about it all night. 'Twas strange. We also went out to eat and did groceries, and I kept saying to him "this is the last time we're going to be doing this here in Halifax" (or at all for a little while!) It's kind of sad really, I will miss this city and the people I've gotten to know over the years here, but I still truly feel like it's time to move on and that we'll be happy in NB again. Now Dan on the other hand, he may need a bit more convincing, but it'll happen with time.

(We also talked about how we're so different when it comes to making changes: Dan is really good at trying new things and breaking outside of his daily routine when it comes to the smaller things in life, but important and/or permanent changes worry him, while as I'm really good at making big, life-altering decisions without much fear or worry, but trying to get me to try a new restaurant or watch a movie I'm not familiar with and I get really uncomfortable. Another case of us being opposites that attract I guess.)

-We're almost completely packed up, all that's left really is the kitchen, our clothes and a few other little things, so I'm hoping that by the middle of this week everything will be ready to go. I also want to get started on cleaning this place up a little bit, so those 2 tasks are going to be my main mission for the week.

-I went in to work (at HPP) 2 days last week to clean up my stuff and get a few final things sorted out, and I must say that I'm really happy that I did, I got to say goodbye to some people and I can now leave that job feeling like I did as much as I could under the circumstances. Along with missing Halifax, part of me will really miss that job (my first truly 'grown up' job), but I'm more excited for what the future will bring for me when I decide to return to work, so I'll look back at my 3 years there with fondness (mostly) and will carry forward all the skills I learned while there into my future endeavours.

Ok, that's quite enough rambling, but like I said, I may not be back for awhile so I need to get it all out! (I may be back this week but I can't promise anything.)

One last thing though, I thought that now might be a good time to start doing a 'baby pool' to see what everyone's guesses will be about this little guy, so if you want to leave your guesses in the comments (or send me an email or post on my Facebook, for the family), I'll keep track and will maybe do a little giveaway for whoever is the closest :)

Here's what you can guess:
Date he'll be born (if not induced):
Name will start with a __:

I guess that's everything, I'll most likely be back with an update if I do end up being induced, otherwise the next time you'll see me it'll be with a few pictures of my new son :)



Stephie C said...

Best wishes to you Gen! My guesses are as follows:

Born on March 10th (because that is my c-section date heh heh)

time: 3:30 pm

weight: 7lbs 8 oz

length: 20 inches

Name will start with a L

Aimee said...

what a great little progression of shots. You'll have to do a sb page or make them black and white and hang them in the hall :) so cute.

Selena said...

Love your belly pics

Here's my guess, wish you all the best and look forward to hearing the news. My friend that had her baby at 34 wks(her second) but with her first she was on bed rest like you with her first and she ended going till 39wks I am guess that for you.

March 2nd 6PM

7lbs 2oz

Name starts with L

Sarah said...

Ha Ha Selena...Great minds think alike:

March 2 (my due date which probably won't happen for me)
6lbs 9oz
I'm also guessing L

Hope things go smoothly, I keep expecting to hear any time now that your on your way : ) I have an appointment Thursday as well, oh joy.

Stephanie said...

Nice photo spread!

My guesses are:
Feb 28
7lbs 4oz
20.5 inches
Name will start with an S

Hope it all goes wonderfully for you!

monica said...

how cute is your blog? and how cute is your belly? answer...way cute.

i love the sequence of pictures...if i ever get prego...i am going to do the same thing!

so glad i came to check out your blog! can't wait to follow along and read more!


Anonymous said...

上來打聲招呼,祝你一切平安! ........................................