Saturday, October 2, 2010

Couch Potatoes.

Although Dan and I don't watch that much TV (we haven't had cable in years), we're now back in the full swing of watching our fall shows (online).  This year it's a good mix of comedy and drama, with just a little bit of reality TV thrown in too.  Right now we're watching:

Community: Dan got us into this one. It's the same style as, say, Parks and Recreation (see below), but it's a bit different (they don't break the fourth wall, although it seems like they do somehow, it's weird/cool.) Abed is probably the funniest character (and he does kind of look like a lizard!) I love that these 'new sitcoms' are becoming popular again, it's nice to have non-'reality'-TV options!

Dexter: Oh, my love of (and for) Dexter is intense indeed.  Now that it's back on it has become my number one favourite show, the one I wait for eagerly every week.  Last week's premiere started off really good, I can't wait to see where they're going with this season, after last year's SHOCKING finale (honestly, one of the most shocking on TV ever I think).

Mad Men: This show is just too good not to watch it. It has gotten funnier this season, but it's still so deep, sad, and complex. The writing is great. It's also one of the most stylish shows out there, I love seeing the sets, wardrobe, and the hundreds of details they infuse into every show...good, bad or ugly. 

Parks and Recreation: I wasn't a huge fan of this show at first (I thought it was too much like The Office with the awkward humour, which I don't really like), but it has grown on me since then. Amy Poehler's character is really good, and the entire cast is quite funny. I'm glad it got renewed for another season.

The Middle: My mom actually got me into this one, and yet it's one of my favs! It's cute, funny, somewhat predictable, and yet so fun to watch. Kind of like Everybody Loves Raymond, but wayyyy less annoying (I starting watching all of the Raymonds again over the summer but had to stop at Season 6 of so because they would just not.stop.yelling.)  Even Dan has grown to like this show. A nice family sitcom :)

Modern Family: I LOVE this one too! The entire cast is so great (but of course Cam is my favourite). It's good because they have so many characters to choose from for storylines, but usually they all overlap somehow, and it's always nice to see the little 'message' at the end.
The Ultimate Fighter: Yes, I watch UFC. Yes, I know around 2 dozen fighters by name. No, it's not just a barbaric fistfight, it's a real sport, and these guys are athlectic and tough! Dan is a huge UFC fan so this is our chance to watch something together and talk about afterwards. The Ultimate Fighter is like "American Idol" for fighters. There are 16 or so guys that start, they have 2 teams (coached by UFC fighters), they all fight each other until there are only 2 left, and then they fight for a contract into the UFC. It's reality TV but without so much of the pure mind garbage that's out there now (although there is still some 'house drama' that we have to endure, but it's manageable). This year Georges St-Pierre is one of the coaches (he's the welterweight champion and a fellow French Canadian...go Georges!)

The Vampire Diaries: Ok, this is my guilty's another show my mom got me hooked on (she and my sister love it too!), but now I look forward to seeing what these sexy vampires are up to every week. It's totally Dawson's Creek with fangs, but I love it anyway.

We're also still waiting for Big Love to start (not sure when that is?) and for Breaking Bad to come back in March. I'm also re-watching The Sopranos because, well, it's The Sopranos and I love me some New Jersey mob bosses.


I guess we do watch a lot of TV!

What are you watching this Fall? Do you watch any of these shows? Are there any other UFC lovin' chicks out there?

Happy Saturday,


Lea the Lion said...

Great shows! I love Dexter and UFC! Georges St. Pierre is my ALL TIME FAVORITE fighter!

Stephie C said...

We watch LOADS as well! Modern Family is def a fave around here!