Thursday, January 13, 2011

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I figured I should finish this list I started 6 months ago, haha, so here we go, the last random facts about me (and yes I realize that the photo above has been used to death, but I really don' t take pictures of myself anymore!)

77. I usually like to eat something sweet right after I eat something salty, and vice versa.
78. I can't dance and hate trying.
79. I've only ever smoked pot/hash, as far as drugs go.
80. I've only ever taken one puff of a cigarette in my first year of University and it was disgusting.
81. I was on the Dean's List one semester in University and finished with a 3.6 GPA (I think).
82. I spent my last semester of University in Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain, and it was one of the hardest/best experiences of my life.
83. I am not in contact with anyone I met there except for a Croatian living in Italy named Jelena.  We were nicknamed 'las abuelas' (grannies) while there because we didn't like to go out to the clubs like everyone else.  We still call each other that in our letters.
84. I'm a sucker for guys who can play guitar (umm, hello, Dan!)
85. For the longest time my favourite song was #41 by Dave Matthews (it still holds a special place in my heart).
86. On my wedding night I had a monster headache and realized that it was because I hadn't worn my left contact all day.  I had to sleep the headache off in my wedding dress.  Dan read a Reader's Digest (soo romantic and sexy, I know!)
87. I have very, very, very little patience and I really don't like it.
88. If someone bumps into me I automatically say 'sorry' (this might be all Canadians though!)
89. My third toe on both feet are permanently bend, most likely from years of wearing too small cleats.
90. My first concert was to see Amanda Marshall in 1997.
91. I'm a UFC chick.
92. My grandfather died 10 years ago when (I was 16) and I still think of him often.  He would have LOVED Victor, I just know it.
93. I avoid eye contact when I talk to people; this is something I want to change.
94. The next country I would like to visit is Ireland (with Dan).
95. I haven't done my own taxes, ever (my dad did them until I got married, now Dan does them).
96. If I could have chosen any degree to study (without worrying about its usefulness), I would choose a double major in Art History and Religious Studies (with a specialization in Catholicism and Catholic Art)
97. I wear several rings (up to 7), including 2 thumb rings, even though I know it doesn't look good anymore.
98. My eyes aren't really a colour, they're just a muddle of a few colours.  And they are always bloodshot, always.
99. I would like to get involved in another sport (I used to play soccer), but I'm afraid of how out of shape I am.
100. I've worked for 4 different government department in 2 different provinces.


101. Thinking of 101 random things about myself was really hard!

There!  Now I can stop having that little nagging thought in the back of my brain that I didn't finish blogging these, haha...

Be back soon-ish, with what I'm not sure...

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Stephie C said...

Ha Love this this list and I dunno if I could come up with this about myself either so good job!

I am same with the sweet salty thing! Same on the drug and cig thing too!