Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So, ever since I stopped blogging daily for my A Week in the Life project (still working on it!), I feel like something is missing, like I should be blogging more (instead of doing the million other little things I should be doing, ha!), so I've decided to include the ultimate in Blog Fodder (besides Weheartit crap), the "things about me!" post.  I actually saw it on another blog that I follow in my Google Reader and I thought, hey, why not, it would be interesting to see if I could come up with 101 things.  So here we go, #1 through #25 (A lot of this won't be new information to my family or friends, but it may be to my 'online blog buddies').
  1. I grew up with a French-Canadian mother and an English-Canadian father (both from northern New Brunswick), so I spoke both languages at home.
  2. I now speak only French with my son, even though my husband doesn't understand French all that well (neither did my dad when we were little but he understands everything now).
  3. I broke my arm the summer going into 5th Grade and ended up playing a lot of Nintendo because I couldn't really go swimming or ride my bike (though I did a little).
  4. I have a Bacherlor of Arts degree (double honours in French and Spanish), but I haven't really ever used it and consider it a huge waste of money.
  5. I've been to Europe twice but have never been West of Toronto (in Canada).
  6. I really dislike people who complain all the time, and people who brag all the time.
  7. My favourite food is probably chips with Dill Pickle dip.
  8. I have 1 tattoo that I got before my 1st Dave Matthews concert in 2003 (it's not Dave-related, just a flower 'tramp stamp', which I don't regret one bit).  I'd like to get another one someday.
  9. It took us 20 'official' months of trying to get pregnant with Victor.
  10. My favourite types of movies are historical dramas/epics, fantasy/sci-fi movies, or thrillers.
  11. I think paying to see a comedy in the theater is a waste of money.
  12. I like to make lists (obviously!)
  13. I met Dan through his cousin, Sue, who was a good friend of mine in high school (we actually have the same birthday).
  14. I'm a flake and ditch social situations often.
  15. I hardly ever cook, but I do enjoy making big turkey dinners for the holidays.
  16. I used to read a lot as a kid, but once I got to University and was forced to read, I stopped and am now lucky to read 1-2 books a year.
  17. I never used to like dogs until my parents got their Cairn terrier, Félix, in 2002.  Since then I've wanted a Daschund, Pomeranian and currently would like a Greyhound.
  18. I judge people in my head.  A lot.
  19. Fall is my favourite season by far (I'm actually wishing it were Fall right now!)
  20. I probably only have 3-4 really close friends, and don't really wish for more.
  21. I have very crooked bottom teeth and used to want braces but now I'm ok with it.
  22. I get super sentimental when watching Disney movies from my childhood and have to choke back tears about 10 times while watching them.
  23. I'm terrible at confrontation and criticism and usually cry when it happens, something I HATE about myself.
  24. I have a huge fear of heights; even watching movies where people are high up causes my palms to sweat (the last 30 mins of King Kong were a nightmare for me).
  25. I'm starting to slowly work on my dream of having a photography business, and even though I've gotten lots of compliments, I feel like a big, fat, no-talent phoney.
There we go...it was kind of tough to think of all that, this might be hard!

Anyway, it's very, very hot here today and even hotter in our old, upstairs flat, so we're keeping cool with lots of homemade iced coffees and lying under the ceiling fans.  Overall I can't complain much about the weather this June, we haven't really had any long, rainy streaks like last year.  I can't believe it's almost July though!  And that Victor is almost 4 months old, geesh...

Ok, well have a good evening, thanks for listening to me ramble, as always!

Until next time,

(PS-I keep meaning to borrow my mom's camera to take pics of Victor's room, I'll try to remember this week and get those pics up!)

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Stephie C said...

OOh I agree I have no idea if I could come up with that much info about myself LOL...

First off you def have an eye and take gorgeous pics! And I cannot wait to see Victor's room.

Dill pickle dip OMG is this a recipe or can you buy it there? I NEED haha....I love dill pickle flavored chips so I know I would love the dip! I am also a huge fan of deep fried pickles!

I feel my degree is pretty much a waste of money too and just is another pile of debt I will prob never see paid off in my lifetime!