Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ok, so as I said last week, I'm going to attempt Ali Edward's A Week in the Life project.  It won't be easy, I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing yet, but I'm going to start it anyway and hope that it goes well.  I'm dedicated to the documenting process, it's putting it all together afterwards that might be hard.  So far I do know this:
-I'm using an American Crafts Modern 8.5X11 D-ring album.  It's a size that I'm comfortable with and I like that it's a standard size for a printer in case I want to do any full page journaling or printing.

-I'm super inspired by Christina Clouse's binder cover for her A Week in the Life album, so I may draw something from that to create my cover (I'm thinking a patchwork pattern paper grid).  Or, I may just keep it really simple with a title and a few strips of paper, who knows.

-I'll also be using the We Are Memory Keepers 8.5X11 divided page protectors (9 slots per side), the same ones Ali did.  I like the idea of fitting little journaling cards in the slots, and they are the perfect size of a mini print, which is excellent.

-I'll be using Ali's format of a 1-page intro to each day, then a 2-sided divided protector filled with photos and journaling cards (and any other 'stuff' I collect, though I doubt it will be much), then a 1-page layout of some sort, most likely a collage.  For the intro page I will probably stick to using a 5X7 (or larger if I can manage) photo, plus maybe a bit of journaling (or just the name of the day, I'm not sure).  I have a few standard journaling cards that I created in Word that I will print on cardstock and include in each day (probably 5 or 6), but the rest of the slots will be left for photos (these too will have some 'standards' included across the week, like my outfit).
-I'm still not sure how I'm going to print any large photos; the local places around here don't print odd sizes so I may have to try an online site ( looks good), or just settle for standard sizes, which might be easier in the long run.  Mini-prints can be done locally, so I'm covered there.  As for the collages, I may just create a collage in Photoshop and then simply print it as an 8X10 print and stick it on some cardstock.  As I said I'm still not sure about all the details, but this is what I see.

-I also envision adding a lot of text onto my photos and then printing them that way.  For example, if I take a picture of our coffee maker, I might write "9:00am-Coffee time" up the side of the photo in white.  A way to add some journaling bits here and there.

-For papers and embellies, I'm keeping it really simple; I have some BG Origins paper that I recently bought, so I'll probably use strips of it here and there, since the colours will go well with a lot of the indoor photos I'll inevitably take.  I also have some thickers that I'll use to mark the days and any other words I want to highlight.  Other than that, I want to use my mom's MS punches, maybe a sticker here and there, but we'll see how the bones look first, and I'll add from there.

(I'll use the graph sides, not the pattern paper sides)

-Every day I will come on this blog and post a mosaic of the photos I took (not sure if they will be edited or not; I'm going to try really hard not to edit them too more step I don't need), and maybe include a brief report on the day (that I can use to jog my memory later in case my hand written journaling bits don't make sense.)  I'll have some papers and journals scattered around the house and in my purse so that I can write things as they come (and so that I can write them even when I pinned down by the baby in one spot).  I really hope it'll work! 

Ok, well I guess that's the plan.  Sorry if this blog gets a bit boring this week, I know hearing about a person's day every day for a week isn't the most interesting thing in the world, but it'll only be for 7 days and then I'll get back to....well, talking about my day, lol.

Wish me luck!

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