Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Week in the Life-Monday

(This is a collage of the photos I will be using in the album.  I ended up taking over 100, but overall I wasn't impressed with my photos.  As I mentioned before, my camera isn't the best for this project, but I will have to make due and take more care of the photos I take from now on.)

So, here we go, the first day of A Week in the Life!  I'm not 100% sure what I want to include on this blog, I'm thinking just a bullet-point list of the random things I wrote down during the day would probably work best.  Overall I didn't write a ton, but I knew that this was going to be the hard part for me, so considering that I did well (I just kept a book near the computer or on the coffee table to jot things down as I thought of them.)

So, let's see:
  • I always feel like Monday is the day to 'start things', which is weird for us because we have no 'weekends' per se, all days are the same.  Still, I always think that I should get a to-do list written up and that I should 'be productive' starting on Monday.
  • Victor woke us up to a lovely surprise this morning (let's just say it was a full diaper and it wasn't just pee).  It was everywhere!  On our comforter, his clothes, blanket, even soother!  At moments like these I'm glad that we still use disposable during the night and on days like this!  I'm also grateful that we have a hand held showerhead (something I hate at first), because it makes rinsing things much easier!
  • We went to Musical Moments at the Family Resource Centre and had a good time, it's really nice to get out of the house from time to time.  Victor enjoyed watching the children for the first little while, then napped on me for about 20-30 mins before waking up again for some 'free time' play with Eli.  I also saw my old teacher/soccer coach and her 2 kids, which was nice.  There's only one more week of Musical Moments before summer vacation and it's a Teddy Bear picnic, it should be cute and we're looking forward to that.
  • One thing I noticed about having a baby; it means constantly having to deal with STUFF everywhere.  The daily supplies of taking care of a little being take over your space and no matter how much you try you just can't keep it all out of sight and under control.  Receiving blankets, soothers, toys, wipes, clothes, it all adds up.  But it's a short lived period so we should learn to enjoy it I suppose.
  • I baked cookies in the afternoon and it was the first time since we moved in over a month ago that I used the oven....I really need to cook and bake more!  Also, I have no patience for the actual 'baking' part of baking.  My cookies burn almost every time because I don't watch them.
  • Victor has gotten into a really bad habit of freaking out and crying/screaming right before he's about to feed because he is impatient and want his milk NOW.  As soon as I lay him on my lap to get ready he starts.  It's hard because he gets so worked up that he can't eat when I finally offer it to him.  It's frustrating for baby and mama, hopefully it doesn't last.
  • We took Shimi to my parents' house because she can't go outside here and she was going stir crazy.  I feel bad that we didn't consider her situation more when we took this place, hopefully we can figure out a way to let her outside here too.
  • Victor has been in the Jolly Jumper a lot today and has starting trying to 'walk' in it, meaning he lifts one foot then the other as if walking, it's cute.
  • This afternoon I was invited by my friend Sue to go for a jog.  I had been saying for a long time that I wanted to start jogging again so I was excited/nervous about the prospect.  We ran behind the high school on the trail with her sister.  I was very surprised that I made the whole 5km in 35 mins, while only walking twice for about a minute each time!  I haven't gone jogging in over a year so it was very surprising and rewarding to say the least!  I may go again on Wednesday and run an official 5kn on Saturday, we'll see!
  • My legs and bum are now quite sore though, and I know I'll pay for it tomorrow.
  • After supper I took a long walk with  my mom and Félix; these walks are often my favourite part of the day.  We went downtown and took some pictures (my mom needed them for a scrapbook layout she's doing). 
  • I went to bed quite early (10pm) because I was so tired from all the exercise of the day.  Luckily Victor came to bed with me and fell asleep also.
A few other things:

Daily to-dos: Bake cookies, blog, make casserole, pay bills, upload photos, hang pictures in Victor's room, tidy up house, sweep floors

Shows we watched: Breaking Bad, The Tudors, The Middle, Everybody Loves Raymond, UFC All Access (Brock Lesnar and Anderson Silva)

The weather was: A mix of sun and clouds for most of the day, but it cleared up later in the afternoon/evening.  Still cool (especially in the house in the morning), but then got muggy and warm in the evening.  With the humidity it was probably in the 20s.

What we ate: Cereal, leftover Thai-style minced pork and Sloppy Joes

I also have Victor's eating and sleeping schedule, plus our schedule, and a few other random things, but I don't think I'll include those on the blog (but definitely will in the album).  I've been thinking about the layout style for each day and I think I know what I want to do (size of pics, where to put what), but I'll probably talk about it more later in the week.

That's all for now, off to a boring start but hopefully the week gets better!

Until tomorrow,


Stephie C said...

Great pics and ok I officially hate you for your great post baby bod you have! JEALOUS! Of course all my weight was from pre-baby hahah....

Anywayyyy love your start and I am gonna copy your lists of what ya did, shows you watched, and weather! Great ideas! I was wondering how to incorporate tv into mine since tv is sadly a huge part of our lives and I think just a list with the shows each day will be great! Of course this will make me want to do a fall week in the life album as well since different programming then ;) haha

As for layouts I am pretty much doing mine identical to Allie's if I can get my hands on the protectors that is! Going to a couple craft stores this weekend in hopes to find so I can maybe avoid shopping online (which if I do that I know I will buy more than needed!).

oxenanny said...

love Love love the picture of you all in bed together. :D Plus, your day doesn't sound boring, sounds busy to me!