Friday, June 4, 2010

(Note: This post will be an abbreviated version of what I originally intended to write.  I wrote the post last night but when I hit "publish", there was an error and I lost it all...aaaarrgh!!)

Before I start this post, I'd like to vent/rant a bit if I can (and since it's my blog I'll give myself permission, ha!)

Let me start by saying that I love where I live.  I wouldn't live anywhere else nor would I want to live anywhere else.  It's beautiful, small, friendly, and most of my friends and family are here, so for those reasons I stay.

One of the things I love most about where I live is the weather.  When it's good, it gives you the best feeling in the world.  But one of the things I hate most about where I live is the weather.  And out of all the weather-related grievances I have, the month of June and its terrible, rainy and cool weather is the WORST.  I hate June because of it.  Not because the weather sucks and it rains, because we have lots of 'bad' months and I can take it.  The thing I hate about June is that it PRETENDS to be a good month, like "oh hey, I'm June, I'm the beginning of Summer!  Get out all your summer clothes, make plans, get married, camp and travel, take vacation time, 'cause I'm gonna be warm and nice and like everywhere else!"  Uh, yeah right June, you totally suck.  Yesterday it poured alll day and it was only 10C...that's late October weather!  And it's supposed to be cloudy or rainy for as far as the forecast goes, which is a week.  A WEEK.  Last June was absolutely horrible, it rained for, I kid you not, 22 days of the month.  22 days!!  I bitched about it last year too.  So for this reason I can not wait for June to be over.  It's a deceitful, terrible month and I just want to get to July (which, most of the time, is better, though not always).  I don't expect anything from this month, but it still sucks to see everyone else enjoying their summer while we come up a month short (and we don't get that many nice months, so it's especially bad). Summer my ass.

[Deep breath...]

Ok, now that that's out of the way, I can move on to better the return to my monthly goal-making!

First, let's see how we did on last month's 2 goals:

1. Become members of society:  Ehhh, not so much.  I mean, we're here, we're doing things, but overall we're still not where I want to be.  We still get up at all hours (usually too late), go to bed at all hours and still have no routine to speak of.  Dan still isn't working so that may be part of it, but mostly it's just us refusing to stop being lazy or something.  The only thing we're better at is eating at regular times (most of the time).  This month I need to work on it more, get ourselves (including Victor) into a better routine.

2. No fast food: I DID IT!  I actually went an entire month without any fast food, save for one sit down meal at a restaurant where I had a Caesar club wrap.  We also had tons of Tim's Iced Capps, but that was within the rules.  I'm quite proud of myself, even though it was hard sometimes not to turn to fast food when we were feeling lazy.  One thing I will say though is that I don't feel any healthier/better/skinnier/more energized than when I was eating fast food, which must go to show that we don't eat it as much as I think we do sometimes.  I will think twice about eating it from now on though, which is great.

Ok, so that's that.  Now on to June's goals, which are more back to the frantic goal making of my pre-baby days, we'll see how I do.
  • Steam clean carpets
  • Finish editing Croatia/Italy shots
  • Work on new Photobook (can't share yet!)
  • Skype date with Jelena and Heather
  • Schedule at least 3-5 more shoots (I did 3 in the last week, I'll show you soon!)
  • Complete A Week in the Life album
  • Get healthcards for family
  • Paint nails and do something with my awful hair
  • Exchange bridesmaid dress, buy Heather's wedding present
  • Finish Victor's room (paint, hang mobiles, pom poms, and pictures, get crib bedding)
  • Buy kitchen table and chairs
  • Fill all empty photo frames in house
  • [Maybe] paint bathroom and hallway
  • Finish living room (hang pictures, buy rug)
  • Help Daphné with her garden
  • Take at least 4 walks a week with Victor
  • Cook more meals (3 suppers a week)
  • Help Dan look for work
That's a few, I'm sure there are more, but I don't want to get too ambitious!  Most of them are creative/fun/decorative though, so it shouldn't be too hard.  It should be a good month for me :) 

It's also going to be a good month because my brother and sister in law are coming to visit from California (if only for a day), and I'll finally get to meet my little nephew Jonas for the first time (and all 6 Flynn grandsons will be together in one place, I don't know if my father in law will be able to handle it! haha).  Also, this weekend we're heading to Fundy National Park with my sister and parents to stay in a cabin by the Bay so that should be good too.  Sooo, despite the rain, I'll try to enjoy June.

Ok, well I've gone on long enough (turns out I did end up rambling just as much as in my original post!), but I'll be back, I want to share more about A Week in the Life (starting on Sunday!), my recent photoshoots, Victor's completed nursery, and a few scrappy things too!

Happy Weekend everyone,

(PS-And yes, I do talk about the weather a lot, it's a huge part of our lives here...or maybe just mine, I don't know.  How's the weather where you live at this time of year?)


Anonymous said...

You set quite some goals... I hardly ever do that myself... hope you reach them all!!! And yes, weather IS important! I can get real grumpy myself over it when it's raining all the time or too cold... in Holland, we had our first warm(er) days last week so I'm sorry, but I can't complain now... I'll send some sun your way!

Selena said...

You know summer doesn't start till the 21st right? so really it's still spring.

We look forward to visiting you and meeting Victor as well.

Stephie C said...

Dang girl those are major goals! We still really aren't part of society yet is just much easier to stay home! We are going to a bbq tonight though and one tomorrow so this may be the start of our re-involvement ;) As for weather we kinda have the same thing here in MI. We had I think 3 or 4 days last week still in May when it was over 90f each day with insane it is back down to 60s and 70s LOL....crazy weather!
Oh and my husband is currently priming the bathroom so we will be getting paint tomorrow!