Monday, June 14, 2010

A Week in the Life-Saturday

[I'm slightly behind with the last 2 days of AWITL...I've been putting off Saturday's post because I did not write one.single.thought.  I wrote down only our very basic schedules and that was it.  Honestly I was getting tired with it all, so I decided to see how it went with not writing anything and only going by memory.  So this post may be very short and/or more reflective than the last 5 days...Also, I think I took 30-something pics the entire day, so not much to choose from!]

The second to last A Week in the Life post, yippee!! I think I'll be just as happy as you all once I'm done these :)  So without further ado (since I didn't write anything these are all in past tense since I'm now just thinking about them):
  • I woke up to feed the baby at 6:00am and couldn't think of anything else except the fact that I DID NOT want to run the 5km run that I was supposed to go to at 8:30.  I just didn't feel ready, inspired or energized enough to go.  After 2 runs (one of which was pretty hard), I just knew that I wasn't going to do as well as I wanted, so I cancelled with my friend Sue and flaked out.  Yeah, I used the baby as an excuse too, since he was going to need to feed at 9:00, which is when the race started, though I totally could have pumped about 30 mins before leaving.  At any rate, I didn't go, I suck, but I want to keep running and actually train for a run later this summer.  I will do a race, it just wasn't today.
  • In the morning I had to give my mom a ride to the Golf Club to pick up my dad's truck, and on my way home I stopped in at a few yard sales, even though I didn't have my some ways I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and stopping at every place I see, but with the baby I thought it was kind of hard (I left him in the car with the keys and air on while I looked, but I felt very rushed...)  And sometimes I feel like a dweeb rubber-necking and slowing down as I drive by, but I'm definitely not the only one so it's ok.  I also went a Moving Sale on the street next to me, but there wasn't anything good (I thought it would be more of an Estate type sale, but it was just someone trying to get rid of her ugly 80s furniture.)  
  • Later in the day I finally got around to making some smoothies.  I made a basic banana strawberry smoothie: 1 banana, 4 or 5 strawberries, 1 cup of yogurt and 1 cup of milk, plus some wheat germ thrown in...I'm not a huge banana fan and I thought it was too strong of a taste, but it wasn't terrible, so I drank about half a glass...and then I started to feel sick.  My stomach hurt and I'm not sure why.  The funny thing is, Dan drank a glass and had the exact same problem, we were both kind of sick for about an hour or so afterwards...we were reacting to all the health-i-ness I guess!  The plan is to make a banana peanut butter one next, and maybe to leave out the wheat germ, since Dan thinks that was the issue, though I'm not so sure...
  • Victor can now sit in his high chair and did so while we ate supper, it was nice.  He's seeming older all the time, soon he'll need that chair to eat actual food!  He's also starting to use his teething ring Nuby a lot, I wonder if this means he's in the pre-stages of teething...the drool would certainly indicate so!
  • In the evening we went to Daf's to visit, and she gave me a couple of her plants...I have no idea if I'll be able to keep them alive, but I want to have some in the house, it really adds some life.
  • I got a few emails about possible photoshoot opportunities and I'm excited at how it's all coming together.  I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the whole thing, but I'm trying to be realistic and slow about it all, I don't want it to overwhelm me, or for my hopes to get too high and then have them crushed.  Getting emails asking is fun though :) 

And that's all...not bad for going by memory!

Now for the things I wrote down:

Daily to-dos: Didn't give myself any on this day.

Shows we watched: Everybody Loves Raymond, The Daily Show, Cinderella, The Tudors, Big Love (lots more TV on Saturdays!)

The weather was: Beautiful again in the morning (like Friday), but clouded over in the afternoon and went down to around 20C, maybe a bit more.

What we ate: Smoothies, Leftover Thai-style pork, Kievs and Orzo

One post left, hope to have it up tomorrow!
Until then,


oxenanny said...

egg fountain? :D
You look great!

I am somewhat inspired to try this project myself,,, but I am not a scrappy so I dunno....

PS I am probably moving to Fredericton for the Fall semester. mixed feelings on that.

Stephie C said...

Cannot wait to see all these in your album! You did so good Gen! I am praying my album and protectors come this week so I can start prepping it so then only thing holding me up will be developing of the pics (may have to wait a payday or two since I estimate the photos will cost around 40 to 50 since I am getting so many 8x10's and 5x7's)

Stephie C said...

Oh wow thanks for sharing the site! Even with shipping it works out cheaper! I am def going to go that route (gives me more time to prep the rest of the album as well heh heh)
And I know we def need to enjoy the weather more! Of course now we are supposed to have rain rain rain!