Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Week in the Life-Wednesday

[Wednesday was definitely a slow day.  I didn't write as much or take nearly as many pictures...only half, and many are repeats, hence the larger pics in the collage.  Oh well, as long as I still keep it up it's ok if the quantity waxes and wanes...]

Wednesday edition of A Week in the Life is here!  I know, you're all super excited, right? lol

Alright, we know the drill:
  • Overall, I felt very rushed and frazzled today, even though we didn't do anything special.  I didn't take as many photos as I had wanted or written as much as I had hoped.  The house is still a mess and I can't seem to get it cleaned up.  I wish I could be a bit more structured in my days, but Victor makes it hard, not having a schedule himself, though by now I should know how to work around it.  I guess I just have to learn to go with the flow.
  • It's official: the morning 'surprise' is a daily thing!  Luckily for me, it was Papa's turn this morning, and it's always been in his disposables (as if he knows that Mama doesn't want him pooping in his 25$ diapers! haha)
  • Our downstairs neighbours were parked outside in the driveway and were playing their music SOOO loud, I almost went down and asked them to turn it down because Victor was sleeping.  Loud, obnoxious bass music...something I forget that we live on 'the wrong side of the tracks', but we do and sometimes you can definitely tell.
  • It's nice that I Dan and I still get to do things together in our few quiet moments.  We have to work at it, but we're no less of a couple now that we're parents.
  • Cleaning these days has become quick moments of fury in between caring for Victor.  I try to do a million things at once all in rush, and things are always left half finished.
  • The traffic in Sussex is ABSURD for a town of its size; trying to make a left turn on Main St. is darn near impossible!
  • Victor had a major freak out today before he ate and I got so annoyed when it happened; luckily it doesn't happen that often or I don't know if my patience could handle it!  Most of the time it's easy to calm him down, so that's a bonus too.
  • I hate how everyone always seems to be trying to take advantage of you; nothing is ever easy (in the sense of money): I'm being charged more for exchanging my dress because 'the sale is over', the phone company is charging us for a phone number that's not even never ends it seems.  You always have to be on your guard.
  • The Government of Canada's Revenue Agency website sucks.  That is all. (But I suppose I can't complain, I get money from them every month just for having a baby!)
  • I went for another run with Sue and this time Sara.  I didn't do as well this time, I was still tired and sore from Monday I guess.  we did just under 5km in 30 mind (and with a 1-minute walk).  I'm sore and tired again.  The race is Saturday and I have no idea how I'll do or if I'll continue running after this...the novelty has definitely worn off!
  • I've decided that I want to start drinking smoothies in the morning.
  • I'm totally using Victor as an excuse to re-watch all my old favourite Disney movies.  A few days ago it was Fantasia, today, Aladdin (Victor was asleep while I was watching that one! haha)
  • My parents took Victor for a walk while I was out running; I love how helpful they are and having them nearby to be with the baby.
And the extras:

Daily to-dos:  More laundry, tidy up!, groceries, check mail, return bridesmaid dress, go to Dollarama, clean bathroom

Shows we watched: Everybody Loves Raymond, The Daily Show, Disney's Aladdin

The weather was: A mox of sun and clouds, only 12C again, but it got warmer in the afternoon.  Still nowhere near true summer weather.  In the evening it was pleasant, though muggy, maybe 20C or so.

What we ate: Coffee and toast, pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, leftover casserole

Alright, as you can see, more scattered and random than usual.  Not the best day for me, hoping for nicer things tomorrow!

Until then,

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