Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Week in the Life-Sunday *LAST DAY!!*

Ok, here we go, the last day of A Week in the Life!  I'm probably gonna take a little blogging break after this to work on the photos, but then I'll come back with my collages/layouts/thoughts of the documenting process, and then do one more post with the completed album and that'll be IT!  I'm excited to start working on it, but I didn't want to start until I had the blog posts all done, so let's get to it!
  • I had a hard time falling asleep again last night after feeding the baby.  I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head, dreams and possibilities, that I can't seem to turn my brain off (until around 6am when I should be waking up!)  I'm nervous + excited + unsure +'s a fun time, but not so great for the sleep department.
  • Ugh, when I woke up at around 5am to feed Victor, my stupid nipple shield (which I still use although I reaaaalllly shouldn't be), was lost in the bed somewhere and it took about 10 mins to find it, all the while Victor was screaming and I was about to explode with frustration.  Eventually we found it (I usually keep it in my nursing bra but it fell out), but Dan had to be woken up and the lights had to be turned on, we searched the floor, his crib, it was awful.  95% of the time I don't mind that we still use the shield but when things like that happen, I really hate that darn thing.
  • I love how Victor can entertain himself in his crib now.  He's been in there for about 10 mins, just cooing and looking around.  So much better than crying the moment he wakes up!
  • Today and I have a lot of pictures to edit and research to do, which adds to my usual days, but it's fun work so I don't mind.
  • Going to re-try some smoothies today, hoping for better results!
  • We watch a lot of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) these days, but I'm happy that Dan and I have something that we can watch together and talk about (I tolerate hockey but don't love), since we don't have many (besides Victor that is).
  • Sundays are particularly lazy days.  I fight the urge to nap pretty much all afternoon and hardly anything gets done.  It's like we need a rest from all the nothing that we do all week?! Geesh.
  • Victor is going  a really long time between his feedings lately.  I'm just going with the flow and following his cues, but sometimes I wonder if I should offer feedings to him more.  He's not the biggest baby either so it makes me wonder, but I'm sure he's ok.
  • Today I watched parts of a movie called Eathlings, which is about the cruelty of animals.  It's really hard to watch at some points, but in a way kind of necessary.  Personally I'm not against having pets or killing animals (for food), as long as it can be done in a truly humane way.  Kill them before they are processed, DO NOT use the processing method as the method of killing.  Anyway, it was hard, I love animals so much!
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm too sensitive to the thoughts of others.  A single comment, even a well meaning or light one, can affect or bother me for way longer than it should.  It's something that I really don't like about myself and one of the reasons I'm so scared to put myself out there sometimes.
  • Our friends Greg and Flo didn't end up coming to supper like we had hopes, but I completely understand, they are busy with a young son and Flo had just worked all day.  She's also expecting another baby and so her energy levels must be low.  Still, Dan was looking forward to having someone to watch UFC 115 with, now he's stuck with me (edit: poor Flo ended up losing the baby that night, we feel so bad for them, but she's ok which is the important thing.)
  • I've been playing the same game of Sudoku in the bathroom for over a week, I suck!
  • This technically crosses into Monday, but Dan and I stayed awake until 2:45am last night just talking in bed about marriage and our pasts and all sorts of 'deep' stuff that we hardly ever get to talk about (I think the last time we did that was long before I was even pregnant with Victor.)  I was so nice though, and I think important for us, knowing how we feel and checking in is so important, and I'm glad to know that we're both on the same page and willing to put 'the work' into our marriage.  Love that man!

And the nitty gritty details:

Daily to-dos: Clean up before Greg and Flo come, edit half of Aubrie's photos and post on Facebook, blog, paint picture frames for Victor's room, finish scrap page, dishes, sweep and dust

Shows we watched: UFC Rampage Jackson's Greatest Hits, Everybody Loves Raymond, Earthlings, Big Love, UFC 115 Liddell vs. Franklin

The weather was: Cloudy all day and very muggy.  About 18C.  A few showers in the afternoon.

What we ate: Toast and leftover smoothie, smoked salmon, homemade hamburgers with homemade barbecue sauce and fries

C'est tout!!

It was a long and work-intensive ride, but I hoped you enjoyed looking into our lives a little bit (I would definitely encourage anyone to try this project, even if you don't make something out of the information, just having the photos and words is enough!)  

Until next time,

PS-It was totally weird to wake up on Monday and not have to write anything down!

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Stephie C said...

UGh I have not been the greatest on the writing but honestly this has been a super uneventful week LMAO!
You did wonderful and cannot wait to see finished project YAY!