Wednesday, June 30, 2010


[list from the lovely Tina]

listening: my goodness, I hardly ever listen to music my "the emancipation of mimi" cd by mariah carey, it's good summer driving music! 
eating: local strawberries (so much better than the ones shipped from cali!) with cool whip
drinking: home-made iced coffees (waaaay too many of them)
wearing: trouser jeans, a purple shirt with buttons at the top, a pink sports/nursing bra
feeling: a little bored and restless
weather: sunny but cool-ish, about 20c...just the way I like it :)
wanting: to go shopping for new underwear and clothes for just me
needing: a haircut. badly.
thinking: about the shoot i'm having with my sister and her hubby on friday
enjoying: watching a PBS documentary series about the origins of life with dan
wondering: how much longer i can use breastfeeding as birth control
Night night.

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