Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just wanted to share this layout I did the other day of Victor.  It, like most of my layouts lately, had been sitting on my desk for quite a while before I finally got it finished.  It's based on a Pencilines sketch, but originally I was trying to scraplift someone that my mom had found online (can't remember who now though).  Her style is awesome (clean, simple lines, lots of white space, graphic, etc), but after trying and trying, I just could NOT make it work, so in a fury one evening, I started over from scratch and completely chose new papers, new layout, new everything, and it worked out much better.  Sometimes you can admire someone else's style, but in the end you always come back to what you're comfortable with and what's your own, unique style.  And that's ok :)

Also, here's a picture of my new scrap area.  It's in the corner of the dining room (which we don't use as a dining room but rather as an extra sitting room), and it's nice because I have lots of natural light.  It's kind of small and cramped though, which isn't the best, but I'm used to it and hopefully it will  help me keep my stuff neat and under control.  I had this old empty frame and I had no idea what to do with it, then I remembered seeing this idea somewhere (no idea where), of hanging things inside of the frame as pretty storage, so I hung all of my letter stickers and other misc. things inside, it's kind of cute!  The clipboard holds my next project and I keep all my papers and things underneath the desk, like before.  Like I said, small and compact, but it works. 

Ok, well that's it for now, I'll be back later tonight with my plan for A Week in the Life (starting tomorrow, for real!)

Back soon,

Ps-It's POURING, just fyi [groan].

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