Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Week in the Life-Friday

Day 5 of A Week in the Life!  I honestly can't believe I've done this much and have kept up with it like I have...maybe completing a project isn't impossible for me!

Ok, so random thoughts for today:
  • I woke up this morning at 8:00am to get ready for a photoshoot, and even though it was hard, it felt really good to get up a decent hour!  Victor is great too, he acts like my little alarm clock when I need him, he seems to have the ability to know when I need to wake up.  He ate at 6:30 and went down at 7:00, but then woke up at 8:00, just like I wanted.  Perfect :)
  • The photoshoot went really well, even though the sun was a bit too high and it cast a lot of shadows (that's the problem with morning shoots, you have to have them really really early, like 7am!)  Aubrie (the little girl) was sooo cute and didn't mind the camera at all. We took photos in her grandmother's backyard and oh my word, it was GORGEOUS!  Ponds, koi fish, landscaping, arches, you name it.  So green and so many flowers, just a perfect backdrop for photos.  And all I kept thinking during the shoot was "this is like The Secret Garden!"
  • The weather today is gorgeous, for once!  Not a cloud in the sky, and I have no complaints!  In celebration I'm wearing a dress, even though my mummy tummy is still quite prominent...oh well.
  • Victor loves to look in the mirror these days, it's one of his favourite things to do.  When he's fussy we show him the 'other' baby in the mirror and he stops and smiles at himself...pretty cute.  He's so vain.
  • I had to leave the house a few times today for random things and as I was going about my day, I found a few places where I would like to take photos ('urban country' settings I like to think of them).  At times like these I really miss having my model (aka Heather) around to call on whenever I need someone to try something out with me.  I also realized today that bringing Victor along on adventures or shoots like this isn't a big deal, as long as he's in his stroller or carseat.  I brought my tripod and took some silly self portraits while he slept in the car.
  • It's official; Victor has lost his baby rocker mohawk.  His hair is too long or greasy or something.  He's also losing a little patch in the back, not from sleeping but from getting little tiny dreads back there that we keep having to rip out!
  • We re-arranged the living room to accommodate the new chair we bought yesterday.  I feel like this place is slowly becoming a 'home', and my urgency to buy a house is slowly declining.  I think we can be happy here for awhile.
  • No smoothies today, but we had some iced coffee instead since it was so hot.  We also made the same minced pork dish we had earlier in the week, but tweaked the spiciness since last time it was cray-zay (by Dan's error, not the recipe).  Much yummier this time around!
  • Dan and Victor have been playing 'rocket baby' a lot this week (Dan lifts Victor above his head while lying on the couch and makes him 'fly.)  It's their new thing and it's so adorable. He's such a great dad.
  • I noticed that I sing almost all of my silly little songs to Victor to the tune of either "She'll be comin' round the mountain:, or "The farmer in the dell", and I have no idea why.  I also notice that I say the same little 'slogan' for each diaper that I put on as I put them on, like with the Fuzzibuns I sing "Fuzzibuns, Fuzzibuns, does whatever a Fuzzibun can" to the Spiderman tune.  Sooo weird.  Repetition is the new norm around here.
  • I sooo don't want to go running tomorrow!

Daily to-dos: Oops!  Forgot to write them down...Laundry is the only thing I can think of now!

Shows we watched: Everybody Loves Raymond, the Tudors, Big Love

The weather was: Gorgeous!  A true summer day, finally!  Sun (a bit cloudier in the afternoon), but still hot with a nice breeze.  About 28C.  This is what June is supposed to be like!

What we ate: Cereal, toast and coffee, pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, Thai-style minced pork (Take 2)

Be back tomorrow with Saturday's re-cap!

Until then,


Stephie C said...

You have done so well! Hope my week goes as well! I almost rear ended someone taking pics while driving today more of that LOL!

danilouwho said...

Wow, this is quite a project! I love the collages you're making - such a great idea for this sort of thing! I always toy around with doing something like this, but like everything else I put it off, lol.